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This page contains a free ​link to so you can snag 45+ ​free ​email marketing templates! You also get​ ​a training course that helps you to write effective marketing emails.

​One of the most frustrating things in the world is when you ​build an email list, but then you're not sure what to write in your marketing emails. Can you relate? If so, then I'm excited to share these​ email marketing templates with you!

​If you're ​drawing a blank when trying to write marketing emails, or if you're looking for a ​comprehensive collection of fill in the blank email marketing templates, then you're going to love ​these free templates!

​The email templates were written by AWeber, one of my favorite email marketing tools on the planet. ​You can grab ​the templates plus email ​training for ​​free ​​by clicking the blue button below this text!

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​If you're frustrated because you agree that email marketing is totally awesome, then you're going to love these email marketing templates for a variety of situations.

​The best part is that these email templates are totally evergreen, so it doesn't matter what type of small business you have, and it doesn't matter what type of niche you're in, you'll find some cool templates here!

That's why I'm so proud to share ​these email marketing templates with you, so you can ​swipe and deploy these templates without any of the stress or frustration that's usually involved with writing fresh email copy.

If you want to generate leads, build awesome rapport , and learn more about email copywriting, then​ you might really enjoy these email marketing goodies!

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