Do Solo Ads Even Work in 2015?


A lot of people question whether or not solo ads even work. (Just a lightning fast FYI – solo ads are when you pay someone to promote your business to THEIR email marketing newsletter. It’s essentially “Ezine Marketing”).

There’s a ton of people saying that the traffic is absolute crap, and that you’ll essentially be wasting your money if you buy a solo ad.

Well, the truth is that just about ANY traffic source works, as long as you know a few things.

Here’s The First Thing You Need To Know About Solo Ads:

The first thing you need to know about solo ads, is WHO YOUR END USER DEMOGRAPHIC IS when you buy a solo ad.

For example… If you’re in a very “Niche” market, solo ads will NOT work.

Solo ads will only work if you’re in a BIG mass market.

For example: “Make Money Online”, “Biz Op”, “Weight Loss”, “How To Pick Up Hot Chicks”, or something similar.

(There are exceptions of course. If you ask a product vendor, or spend some time targeting and locating a very NICHE list for a solo ad, naturally you can have better results if you’re promoting something very niche. However, the fact remains that in the majority of instances, most solo ad lists are VERY broadly targeted, and are generally interested in health and wealth).

Here’s A Good Trick To See If Solo Ads Will Work For Your Offer

I call it the “Random American Walmart” experiment.

If you could randomly select 100 people on a cruise, at a mall, or within Walmart – would THEY be interested in your offer?

If the answer is “No”, then you shouldn’t touch solo ads with a 1,000 foot pole.

Because, in all probability they will NOT work.

In fact, you’ll be wasting your hard earned cash.

So, if you have something fancy, creative, unique, or niche – do NOT spend a dollar on solo ads. :)

That Being Said… Here’s How You Can Make Solo Ads Work

A few more tips about solo ads.

First, make sure to buy from a reputable vendor. There are indeed a ton of shady solo ad scams out there from people who do not even mail to their own list. So, make sure to conduct your due diligence.

(You can ensure that your solo ad vendor is legit if you visit a website like, the world’s biggest solo ad marketplace with built in traffic quality control).


Never EVER buy a solo ad unless you’re building your own list on the front end.

Meaning… You need to be promoting your OWN lead capture page, so you can finally build a newsletter of your own, and recoup any adspend that you may lose when buying a solo ad.

If You’re Interested In Learning More About Solo Ads…

Then my friend Reed Floren recently launched a program that teaches solo ads from A-Z. And it’s only a few bucks, so definitely check it out if you’re interested.

You might be wondering “Why should I learn from Reed Floren?”, well, he’s a top 3 buyer of solo ads OF ALL TIME on

(I’m barely in the top 20, so I know a thing or two about solo ads, but Reed is in the TOP THREE and is a solo ad monstrosity).

Anyway, if you want to learn how to smash solo ads using Reed’s proven tactics, just click this link here.

And remember…

Solo ads work… If you actually know your end user demographic, and give them what they want.

Talk later

Mike “The Solo Ad Market” DeVincent

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