How to Seduce Your Audience into Hypnotically Spending Cash #seduction #cash


I’ll get hatemail for writing this today…

But the ONLY reason people ever publish ANYTHING online…

Is to get cash.

Let’s face it. We’ve got bills to pay right?

(I know, some of you LOVE what you do, but affiliate commissions never hurt… I personally love them. I suspect you do too). :]

But here’s the problem.

How can you start turning your email and blog subscribers into cold hard cash, WITHOUT being a sleazy salesman and while STILL helping your audience ALL THE WHILE building an awesome relationship?

It Really Comes Down to Your Seduction Tactics.



Seducing the mind… Seducing people to feel good. :]

Sounds insane right?

Well naturally. I’m a crazy dude.

But here’s the fact; I’m someone who’s literally spent *THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS* online over the years.

(Heck, tens of thousands if you count various online classes I’ve taken over the years)…

And guess when I spend the most money? (Meaning… In what state?)

When I’m seduced. When I’m enticed. When I’m EMOTIONALLY COMPELLED to buy something.

Here’s The Trick… People Buy When They’re EMOTIONALLY Enticed…

And I know a lot of people will email me and say I’m some “black magic warlock” or something.

Call Me a Warlock. Or a Marketer. Call Me Whatever You Want.

Just follow my advice.

Because I know if you’re still reading this? And you’re an online publisher?

Naturally You Agree That It’s Awesome to Make Online Sales… Right?

My advice? Become a master of seduction.

Learn to THINK like your demographic.

Know what entices them. What excites them.

Know how to talk JUST LIKE they do.


To Learn *How* to Seduce Your Audience into Spending Cash with Little Resistance, Click Here.

You’ll download over 420 proven Words, Transitions, Cliches, Verbs and Headlines that you can use to seduce your audience into spending cold hard cash.

DISCLAIMER: Look, these phrases and selling words are *POWERFUL*, and I literally urge you to NEVER abuse them.


Just be aware, that whatever you’re selling…

Will become instantly easier using that Swipe File.


Take care

Mike “Seduction Science” DeVincent

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