5 Proven Ways to Smoke Any Guru Like a Cheap $2 Cigar #smoke #internetmarketing


I’ve started to develop quite the social media following over the last few months (despite my incessant slacking and complaining), so I think it’s time to mold my acolytes into a badass army of Internet marketers. :]

In my best effort, I’m going to arm you with everything you need to literally “Smoke” every guru, so you can finally become the entrepreneur that you were born to be.

#1 – Give A Damn About Your End User Demographic

Here’s one way you can instantly and automatically compete with these shady gurus running amok on literally every industry.

And that’s by actually GIVING a damn about your end users.

Sounds too simple right? Well… Here’s a hidden bonus:

The simple things in life work the best. :]

#2 – Master The Basics

The gurus are always trying to pitch you on some “New”, “Cutting Edge”, “Sneaky” or “Exciting” method.

To be brutally honest?

They’re herding the sheep with these methods.

My advice? Stop looking for “Bright Shiney Objects” and instead focus on the basics.

(I don’t care if you flip burgers or flip houses, master the basics and you’ll be better than 99% of your competitors).

#3 – Study From The Grand Masters

Where do you think the gurus really get their talent from, and who do they study?

They study the grand masters. :]

These are the people silently killing it, or who once silently killed it.

In the marketing world, masters like Eugene M Schwartz, Gary Halbert, John Caples and Robert Collior are some grand masters quite worthy of your devotion.


#4 – Stop Being A Damn Sheep

I briefly touched upon this earlier, but damn man… Stop being such a gullible jellyfish.

Start thinking for yourself. Unsubscribe from everyone’s newsletter. Stop actively seeking permission and data from others.

Start granting your own permsission, and accumulating your own data.

To hell with everyone else.

#5 – Think Big

Once you realize that you’re in this game on your own, you’ll realize that you need to start thinking big.

Otherwise, you’ll constantly seek the approval of others.

You’ll constantly be a lost puppy.

Final word of advice?

Have the Courage To Think For Yourself.

Don’t actively seek bright shiny objects. (What happens when a fat juicy trout sees something shiney?)…

And man… Don’t be a damn sheep.


Follow these steps…

And you’ll be smoking gurus like a $2 cigar convention.

Stay cool

Mike “Up in Smoke” DeVincent


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