How To Easily Double Website Traffic By Becoming A Faster Writer


I know it’s really bad for ME to give YOU advice on how to write fast. :D

Afterall… I haven’t even blogged since AUGUST and have been totally slacking off.

But… Do you want the truth? The truth is that I’ve been writing like a maniac haha.

And that’s why being able to create content fast is so beautiful and helpful as a small entrepreneur. :)

Writing Faster Will Help Blog Traffic. Product Launches. Your Sales. Email Lists. Everything.

It doesn’t matter who your target market is, and it doesn’t matter how you’re monetizing web traffic. The reality is if you can double your content creation, you can easily double traffic. :)

(Here’s a recent product of mine on modern writing hacks, so you can write twice as fast without any stress).

That’s why even though I haven’t blogged in over a month, people are still reading my stuff. They still interact with me via emails.

So, while I’ve been direly neglectful of my blog… It’s true that I’ve been publishing like crazy elsewhere.

That’s precisely why I want to share with you the secret to writing fast, and getting more website traffic as a result. Because you should use these simple methods so you can build yourself, and your brand without spending any extra cash on marketing. :) So pay attention.

The Best Way To Write Faster

The ONLY way to write fast is when you “find your own voice”, and the reality is that you NEED to find your own voice or eventually you’ll run out of things to say.

You never ever run out of things to say when you write in your own voice though, which is why it’s imperative to figure out exactly who you are.

The question then becomes, how do you accomplish that?

How do you figure out who you are, so you can write better and faster than everyone else?

The Best Way To Figure Out Who You Are

The best way to figure this out, is by focusing and writing.

So, download a text editor. (I love to use Q10 because it eliminates all distractions) And just start writing.

Write so it comes natural to you. Write whatever comes naturally.

That’s when you know you’re in your comfort zone.

When you write while within this zone, you’re going to attract readers and fans and subscribers who love your stuff.

As a result? They’ll visit your websites. Buy your products. Opt-in to your lists, and harass you when you stop emailing them.

Because they’ll become addicted to YOU and how YOU write.

The Best Part Of Writing In This Way

You’ll never have to worry about “what to write”, or “When to write” or “how to write it”, because you’ll be writing in your own voice, and you’ll never have to be unethical, you’ll never have to lie, and you’ll never have to impress anybody.

When That Happens, A Fascinating Phenomenon Will Take Place:

You’ll write 10x as much.

You’ll attract 10x as many people who are just like you. :)

You’ll get a rabid cult like following who constantly stalk you on social media.

People will buy your products nonstop.

They’ll email you when you ask them to.

You’ll get significantly warm fuzzies.

And The Added Bonus To This Insane Content Creation Method?

Is that you’ll finally start to get more traffic than you could ever handle.

Because people will actually READ your content. They’ll actually SHARE it with their social media followers.

And they’ll actually give a damn about you.

Because you’re being yourself.


Food for thought.

And talk later

Mike “Self Awareness” DeVincent

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