How To Heroically Claim Glory And Fame By Improving Your Email Marketing 5 Fold


Email marketing rule number one is NEVER use long subject lines.

But guess what? I broke that rule recently.

That’s because I’m different. Special. Unique.

I’m A Tough Guy.

That’s right. And if you want to heroically cash in on glory, fame, prestige and sales? Then my advice is to BE YOUR OWN UNIQUE PERSON in your email marketing.

Learn proven clichés, humor, verbs, transitions, and sales copy that convert like mad. But, it’s also important to add the “You” part. YOUR OWN unique personality. That’s the “secret sauce” to the “Email Copy” stratagem.

Whatever you do… Just have FUN whenever you publish anything. That’s how you know when you’ve found your “online voice”. When you don’t even have to try. Does that make sense?

So Find Yourself. Not Anyone Else.

Don’t copy me. Don’t copy anyone. Just figure out WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU’RE ALL ABOUT and then go for it.



The few, the brave, the unique – will claim all the glory.

And all the cash.

So, figure out who you are. Then run with it.

And if you’re enamored with this? And want to start list building the way I do it?

Then click here. You’ll watch over my shoulder as I create *dashing* squeeze pages with free tools, so you can finally start list building WITHOUT breaking the bank.

In the mean time? Don’t forget these five “Heroic” tips guaranteed to double your email marketing sales:

Heroic Tip # 1 – Increase Sales By Mailing More Frequently.

Here’s the thing; a lot of people are always “Stressed out” about people who will inevitably “unsubscribe” from their list.

But here’s the truth; you should ONLY be focusing on the people who give a damn about your content in the first place. For that reason, ensure you communicate with your email subscribers *frequently*. Deliver value *daily*. Entertain *daily*. Sell *daily*.

And who in their right mind WOULDN’T want your daily email content… I mean your email skills are heroic. The content you deliver will claim glory and double sales because the content you provide is so entertaining, awesome, sexy, and kick ass.

Heroic Tip # 2 – Focus On “Timely” Broadcasts.

Incorporate BREAKING News and Integrate That Into Whatever it is You’re Pitching / Promoting.

One of the best responses I’ve had in the last few months was when the was sold to

Naturally it was the topic of my next email newsletter and open rates were definitely spiked. Reason being? People *LOVE* the latest gossip and rumors, ESPECIALLY if they’re already fanatic about the niche you’re in.

(Don’t let people “lie to you” when they say they don’t like gossip and rumors. Be the FIRST to deliver spicy news and rumors in your niche via email, and learn how to pitch promotions within the same body of the email by using clever clichés and transitions. Watch your sales spike heroically as a result).

Heroic Tip # 3 – Don’t Be Scared to Be Yourself. In Fact, EMBRACE Your Own Personality

Your subscribers might join your list to get their scruffy mitts on your free giveaway or whatever you’re offering as an incentive… But that’s not the golden secret.

The secret is that you need your subscribers to remain loyal. You’ll only ever develop any momentum if your readers are attracted to your own writing style.

Only then will your following and quantity of faithful email subscribers snowball beyond what you may have ever anticipated. (This is also true of bigger brands and corporations you know. Think of your email marketing like the fuel that propels your sales in the form of a mascot/cheerleading campaign. Go you!).

Heroic Tip # 4 – If You Don’t Get More Subscribers, Your List Shall Die a Heroic Death

I don’t care if you’re the best writer on the planet – if you can’t continually feed your email funnels with fresh blood; forever in peril thou’ list shall be. So my advice? Learn to find *awesome* and *proven* methods to consistently generate new leads.

(Solo ads and PPC work well for me. I’ve also launched a boatload of Free WSO’s and generated hundreds of leads just giving away free stuff on the WarriorForum).

Heroic Tip # 5 – Keep Promoting Stuff If It Makes You Money

I have been listening to this training I got from my private email training colleagues and one idea that was constantly drilled is to KEEP PROMOTING STUFF that makes you money. It seems simple, right? But this is arguably the most important thing.

If you ever hit GOLD with your list and they dig a particular promotion? – Man keep promoting that product until you don’t make any more cash. Run those gold mines until they’re rid of any minerals.

A few people will argue with me and say “Oh, but then your list will get mad at you!” – to which I contend that if you don’t make money… You’ll go out of business.

And Then What Will Your End-Users And Subscribers Do?

You’d be DEPRIVING them of your invaluable service. So my advice?

Stay in business. Promote whatever converts the best. (As long as you can stand behind the integrity of the product, of course).


Follow these rules, and glorious your rewards shall be.

Mike “Heroic” DeVincent

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