​Brand New Book From: Mike DeVincent (Instructor of over 10​,000+ students)

​Brand New Book ​Reveals How You Can Instantly Crush Writer's Block Fast

​does writer's block totally ruin any chance you have at being creative and productive?

​If that's the case, then hey I totally get it.

For much of my life I've wanted nothing but to be a ​successful, and fecund ​writer of high quality content.

​I've dedicated countless years of my life creating content, and designing strategies to aid in my endeavors to create more content faster.

That's why you're going to love this brand new book.

​Because for as long as I can remember, I've had a strong desire to become a prolific and powerful writer.

​this brand new book reveals how you can write boatloads of high quality content fast, in any niche

​I've stuffed this book marvelously with a boatload of powerful strategies and tactics, including the following gems:

  • ​The number one strategy to smashing writer's block quickly, even if you've been hovering over your desk like a nervous wreck for hours (or days) without any results!
  • ​The best brainstorming exercise for marketers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers, and how you can deploy this ​simple strategy in just a few minutes.
  • ​9 introspective and epic story templates that you can try out right now.
  • The perfect writing exercise that also helps to build massive authority in any niche while spying on your prospects!
  • Arguably the best way to brainstorm creative writing topics for fiction authors.
  • One awesome writing activity that you can ​put to use immediately! This exercise is awesome for any niche and perfect for affiliate marketers also.
  • A little-known but powerful writing exercise that you can turn into daily blog posts, podcasts, videos, or just use to ​expand your mind.
  • Want to become a history buff while simultaneously eliminating writer's block in an hour or less? Then check out this nifty little writing exercise!
  • The laziest method to beat writer's block! (If you're a hard working writer, then you might hate this!)
  • Use this low-hanging-fruit method to smash writer's block in the shortest time possible...
  • An old-school brainstorming exercise that helped to skyrocket my creativity quickly...
  • The golden method: the perfect writing exercise if you already have an audience, email list, podcast, or blog!
  • How to go forward while creating an unstoppable raging river of powerful content.

​here's why content creation is so ridiculously important...

​It doesn't really matter what type of business you have.

​You can be an author, ​affiliate marketer, writer, blogger, podcaster, video creator, coach, consultant, pastry chef, e-commerce vendor, lawyer, doctor, or dentist; the fact remains that you need ​highly prospected website visitors in order to generate quality leads.

​That's why this book is so tremendously powerful, and it's why I'm honestly pleased and humbled to share it with you.

​Because if you're suffering from writer's block, then it's impossible for you to create high quality content that your prospective audience will actually consume, and appreciate.

​So I invite you to brainstorm with me inside this brand new book; you can finally create a glistening trove of powerful content ideas, and you'll never have to second guess regarding what type of content you're going to create next.

​You can use these brainstorming exercises to plan any variety of content you had in mind, whether you want to publish blog posts, create Podcasts, brainstorm new instructional content, ​you'll even get ​a few nifty fiction creativity ideas, plus lots of other cool stuff.

how much is this book really worth? what's the true value?

The truth of the matter is that I've devoted much of my life to learn these writer's block smashing methods.

I've been obsessed with writing since I was a tiny little kid, and for that reason alone I've dedicated an innumerable quantity of time to writing.

Quite frankly, writing is something that I do every single day and I intend on writing copious quantities of content for as long as I'm a human living on this planet.

​That's why I'm so proud of this book, because I've put forth a ton of time researching and refining these methods that make content creation and creativity easier.

If you were to pay someone with as much writing experience as I have to teach you these writing and brainstorming strategies, or if you were to attend a creative writing seminar, it could easily cost you a few hundred bucks, or potentially even more.

​Finally, ask yourself, how much would it be worth ​for you to finally start writing content without any road blocks?

How would it feel if you could finally brainstorm super powerful content, without any stress, complications, procrastination, or delay?

​If it would feel good, then you'll probably agree that you're getting access to this content for a tiny pittance of the real value.

​want to finally smash writer's block? ​this is easy...

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I'll reply with a personal apology for wasting your time, and a courteous refund, with no questions asked​!​

​Grab your copy of the book now ​plus a few bonus surprises ​and together, ​we'll put an end to your abhorrent writer's block so you can become ridiculously productive.

​you also get 3 powerful bonuses!

​The value of the book that you're already getting is on-point, and to be honest ​I'm confident that you'll love the book if you're frustrated and trying to beat writer's block.

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bonus # 1 - the 37 hottest affiliate programs rolodex

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​Categories include: banner advertising, pay per click networks, email marketing networks, solo ad networks, paid advertising, pay per view advertising, mobile ads, video ads, retargeting ads, and more.

​This has been another hugely popular and well-reviewed ​topic for me, so again I'm absolutely excited to give it to you as a free bonus.

bonus # ​3 - ​how to build an email list that lasts a lifetime

​One of my favorite forms of writing, and one of the topics that I'm the best at teaching is email marketing!

​​This guide contains the accumulative wealth of everything I know about email marketing, email list building, email copywriting, and email sales.

​If you've ever wondered about how to start building your email list, or how you can start creating content that's actually worthy of your amazing audience, then I promise that you'll love this bonus.

​Grab your copy of the book now ​plus a few bonus surprises ​and together, ​we'll put an end to your abhorrent writer's block so you can become ridiculously productive.

​about the author: mike devincent

​Thank you so much for reading this book launch invitation, and I truly hope that it found you well!

​I'd also like to briefly introduce myself.

My name's Mike DeVincent. I live in the New England (massachusetts) area. Self-publishing digital books and digital courses is what motivates me in life!

I'm an online teacher who has successfully enrolled well over 10,000 students from ​over 149 different countries. I've also published well over 45 digital books.

I ​published this ​particular book on how to smash writer's block because I know how frustrating it can be when you don't have the motivation to write content, and you're just not sure where to start.

​I love interacting with my students and readers, so if you ever have any questions about the course content, or if you'd ever like to brainstorm then please remember that I'm easy to contact and always try my best to "wow" you with the best support possible.

​the three choices you can make...

​Your first choice is to do absolutely nothing. However, I don't typically recommend this choice because my history dictates to me that life, is unfortunately, infinitely short.

​Your second choice ​​is to skip this book, and instead engage in self-reliance and self-study ​to research these topics on your own. This is a valiant and admirable choice; the only downside is that this choice could​ ​require several hours, days, weeks, or even longer to organize on your own...​​​​​

Finally, your third choice, is to invest a couple of bucks ​and grab this book plus the special bonuses. To be honest, this is my recommended choice if you're currently suffering from writer's block and if you want a handful of powerful exercises that can help you brainstorm cool content ideas fast.

​this offer can be taken down at any time...

​I write sales letters, write new content, publish new books and teach new online courses all the time.

Writing and teaching is honestly one of my favorite hobbies in the world.

However, I would be remiss if I failed to mention that this page could be deleted at any time, and this offer removed.

This isn't some fake-scarcity gimmick, and is just a reminder that in life, things don't, and can't, last forever. Especially when you're a tiny one-person team like I am!

So if you want to get ​access to this rare book, then click the bright green button below and get access to much of my life's work, without spending countless hours researching, and without banging your tightly-clenched-fists on your keyboard angrily.

​Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you on the inside!

​Cordially and humbly...

Mike Devincent


​Grab your copy of the book now ​plus a few bonus surprises ​and together, ​we'll put an end to your abhorrent writer's block so you can become ridiculously productive.