​How To Make A
Dog Live Longer!

​Here's How You Can Make Your Dog Live Longer!

What We Do

​We're dedicated to showing people how to make their ​dogs live longer, healthier lives! So you can enjoy your life, and enjoy the lives of your dog!

​How To Care For Your Dog!


​Caring for your dog involves taking them to the vet for their yearly checkups, and ensuring that they get their rabies shots and other vaccinations, and also ensuring that you feed them a proper healthy diet. These steps will help you to make your dog much healthier!

​How To Feed Your Dog Properly!


​Feeding your dog properly is so important, because if you feed your dog junk food then it's not going to live to its highest potential. That's why you're going to learn how you can feed your dog the best food possible, every day of the year!

​How To Walk Your Dog!


​Walking your dog is the most important thing that you can do to show your dog how much you care about them. Walking your dog daily is one the best exercises for not only yourself, but for your dog, and even your entirely family!

​Don't Abandon Your Dog!

​so they won't get neglected!

They call dogs man's best friend for a reason. Because your dog deserves your good care, and your love! That's why abandoning and neglecting your dog is one of the worst things that you can do for the health and safety of your dogs.​

​Play Games With Your Dog!

​having a ton of fun with your dog!

​Having fun with your dog and helping them to enjoy the great outdoors is one of the best things that you can do for them! Dogs love to play fetch, they love to go on hikes in the woods, and your dog probably loves to go swimming! They also love to go to dog parks!

Here's What To Feed Your Dog!

​Feeding your dog properly

Feeding your dog properly involves finding out what type of ​a Variety Of Healthy Kibbles and ​Treats that they enjoy! It's also important to ​make sure that your dog has fresh clean water daily, and to make sure that they always have some cool water to drink especially after they go on their walks!​

     my chester enjoys being with them!     

We LOVE going for walks with our friends at Paw! Don’t tell our mom & dad,but we get really excited when they leave for work because we know it won’t be long before we get a visit from one of our favorite friends at PawCity! Best part is, they always let our parents know how ourwalk went right away so they dont have to worry about us!

We love you PawCity!! xoxo

Anna Olson, Chester’s Mom

About us

At PawCity, we lead lives full of the unconditional love and happiness we receive from the furballs we get to spend time with everyday and we have this beautiful city and all the beautiful people in it to thank. We love you and your pups!!

  • We moved to New York City with our black bulldog rescue, Blakely, in 2007 after graduating from the University of Maryland. Immediately, we realized what a dog-crazy place it was.
  • We knew right away that we wanted to work with the animals that we loved and that had given us so much love since we were little girls. We started PawCity Dog Walking in July of 2010.
  • We cover the entire width of the East Side, from 96th Street to Delancey and handle every type of personality imaginable. At PawCity, we lead lives full of the unconditional love and happiness we receive from the furballs we get to spend time with everyday.

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As a small team of experienced dog owners and lovers, we really get to know you and your dog and we canguarantee consistent and personal care that is equal to your love and attention.

We are so excited to make you a part of the family!

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