Are You Frustrated Because You Suck At Generating Leads?

Access This Brand New Lead Generation Case Study And List Building Data!

You might love this scientific case study if your business generates leads.

For this case study I built two different lead capture pages, drove over 200 unique clicks of website traffic, then split tested the opt-in rate and sales data.

Why is the opt-in rate so important? Because it's arguably the most important part of your sales funnel and a great way to generate more leads.

So in other words for this case study I planned two email list building campaigns, and then I split tested them to see how each would perform.

This will be a ton of fun if you're an email marketer, list builder, affiliate marketer, network marketer, coach, consultant, blogger, author, solo ad buyer, or just a fellow marketing nerd who likes real statistics and case studies.

You Get White Label Rights To The Case Study! You Can Share It With Your Audience!

You can take all the credit for my hard work, research, and development!​

This means that you can literally brand the case study in your own name and then share it with your colleagues.

Or maybe you can give it to your audience as a bonus, a gift, or you can even use it as a lead magnet.​

This one bonus alone can be awesome if you have an audience who needs to generate leads.

So if you have an audience, or just want to give this case study away to your marketing friends to generate massive rapport, then you'll love this potential gift you can share with all in your entrepreneurial circles.

Or, you can simply access the case study for your own entertainment, amusement, and sheer joy.

The Best Part Is That This Case Study Is 100% Brand New And 100% Unscripted!

Here's the deal. This isn't a get rich quick thing, and this case study doesn't promise any results.

I simply designed two different lead capture pages, drove 200+ unique clicks of traffic, split tested the results, and then documented it in a nifty PDF file with cool looking charts.

The first time I did a split test case study like this, everyone thought it was really cool. I've been trying my best to make even better ones ever since.

Another thing I've noticed, is that a ton of my colleagues are hungry for REAL conversion data. So that's why I'm launching this really cool lead generation case study.​

That's why I designed two different lead capture pages, and then sent over 200 clicks of unique traffic.​ Then I recorded all the conversion data, and published a neat case study.

I Call It The Lead Generation Laboratory Volume 01.

​Not only is this case study awesome and cool, but you can also give it away to your audience, use it to brand yourself, or simply enjoy it for yourself.

This is a really good thing for you, because this lead generation case study has some really neat data!

You'll Learn How Many Leads I Was Able To Generate With Only Around 200 Solo Ad Clicks.

You'll get the exact conversion on the split test. You'll even get the one time offer sales data.

You can study this lead generation case study without having to risk any ad budget on your own!​

Or, you can instantly gift it to your audience! If your audience enjoys lead generation or email marketing, they'll probably appreciate this case study!

Check Out Some Of These Amazing Features:


The lead capture pages in this case study are 100% evergreen and probably won't lose relevance now, or 10 years from now.


This Case Study includes opt-in conversion data on two different lead capture pages plus any one time offer sales data.

On Point

This Case Study is neatly organized and presented in a tiny PDF file that you can access anywhere and understand quickly.


If you're an email marketer, affiliate marketer, list builder, or a marketing nerd who loves data, then you'll love this.


Which lead capture page is going to get higher opt-in rates? This data will be helpful to you so you can brainstorm future campaigns.

Smart Data

Having access to split tests and case studies can be one of the smartest pieces of data that an entrepreneur can ever acquire.

Here's Exactly What You Get:

Lead Generation Laboratory Volume 01 (White Label Rights)

The Lead Generation Laboratory Volume 01 is a brand new (published on 07/02/2017) lead generation case study.

This case study contains the opt-in conversion data of two lead capture pages going head to head with over 200 clicks of unique traffic. Which lead capture page is going to win? Let's find out.

The website traffic used in this case study will be from Solo Ad (email advertising) traffic.

All data, including my initial statements and hypothesis is presented in a neat and easy-to-digest PDF file.​

So if you're an email marketing nerd, a list builder, network marketer, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, or anyone who generates leads and loves real marketing data, then you might love this.

Note: You also get white label rights to the case study! So you can give this away to your friends, use it to brand yourself, or maybe even turn it into an awesome lead magnet!​

Bonus - The Massive Solo Ad Rolodex (Personal Use Rights Only)

You also get a brand new (published on 07/02/2017) and really cool Solo Ad Rolodex containing real buyer data and statistics.

You can see how many Solo Ad Buyers reported that they got sales from each Solo Ad Vendor. Reviewing this data can be a good indicator of which Solo Ad Vendors have hungry email lists.

PS: This Solo Ad Rolodex was newly updated on 07/02/2017 and published exclusively for The Lead Generation Laboratory Volume 01.

Here's Exactly What The Case Study Looks Like:

Here's Exactly What The Massive Solo Ad Rolodex Looks Like:

Here's A Few Reasons Why You Might Love This:

  • All data is 100% real and unscripted! So if my lead capture pages epically fail, I'll be honest and reveal that data. If they perform well, then you get to benefit by having that knowledge.
  • If you're an email marketing nerd, and want to brainstorm how to build lead capture pages, then you might crack a massive smile as you enjoy this.
  • If you're curious about the world of email marketing and solo ads, then this can be a really scientific introduction based upon cold hard statistics.
  • If your business wants to generate leads but has no clue how to start, this might be a cool case study for you.
  • If you're an entrepreneur who loves freshly compiled data, then this might be the coolest document you read all month.
  • If you would just like to see which of the two lead capture pages performs better, then you might crack a massive smile as you open and read this case study.
  • If you want to see if I can get these lead capture pages to convert at all! Maybe I fail epically and dismally. Well, at least YOU won't be the one spending ad budget and you can learn from my mistakes!
  • If the lead capture pages convert well, then you can feel free to swipe similar copies for your own campaigns.
  • Either way, hopefully you come away with a greater knowledge of marketing, split testing, and how similar lead capture pages might convert for you.
  • If you ever have any questions, I'm here to answer anything you ever ask. I've been generating leads for a long time and am an epic tech nerd, so feel confident that I can and will help you to the best of my abilities.

How Much Is This Worth?

If you paid a marketing firm to conduct a similar split test, it would easily cost you anywhere from $297 - $4,997 (or much higher).

You also get the Massive Solo Ad Rolodex, which has to increase the value.​

There's also the time and frustration aspect. How much frustration could you avoid by checking out this case study?

Besides... Even if you’re experienced with lead generation – imagine how long it would take you to set this case study up for yourself? A couple of weeks... Or maybe even a few months? (Or longer?).


Here's the deal - if you don't love this lead generation case study, then I literally don't want your money.

In fact - you'd be insulting me if you kept it, because I only want your hard earned cash if you find this case study to be valuable.

So give it a try. Give it away to your colleagues. Use it as a bonus. Send it to your readers as an unannounced present. Use it as a bonus to one of your own products.

And if you and your audience don't LOVE it? Just send me an email, absolutely no problem - you'll get a 100% refund with no questions asked - period.​

If you have any questions, feel free to inquire.

Thanks for reading my content, and I'll see you on the inside.

Mike DeVincent


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