​Epic post reveals why webinars rock...

How You Can Automate Sales With Webinar Marketing

In this document we’re going to brainstorm a ton about how you can automate your perfect webinar, and how you can use it to generate leads, share awesome content, and to also share your stuff with your perfect prospects.

All businesses on the planet need to generate leads, and they need to make sales. Webinar marketing can help you accomplish both of those goals in one fell swoop, while also sharing awesome content and being super cool.

Webinars allow you to introduce yourself, share awesome content with your audience, build massive rapport, and of course sell your products and services.

​Before we talk about why webinar automation is the best thing ever, let’s talk briefly about why *live* webinars are frightening, and nerve wrecking.

Here's Why Live Webinars Are ​Absolutely Scary...
  • ​What happens if you stutter, accidentally cuss, or otherwise make a fool out of yourself live on air, with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people watching you – live?
  • What if you lose your train of thought, and nervously try to compose yourself while you’re live on air, meanwhile all of your attendees silently snicker (lol) and wonder if you’re up for the task?
  • What if your Wi-Fi flakes out when you’re about to make your pitch, and then all of your hard-earned efforts are for naught?
  • What if your microphone or camera aren’t functioning properly, and your audience is getting cranky and losing patience real quick?
  • What if your webinar software freezes? And you lose half (or all) of your audience due to some unfortunate technical glitch?
  • Worst of all, what if your Operating System decides that it’s going to crash, blue screen, restart, or update itself when you’re in the middle of your presentation?
For These Reasons, Automated Webinars Are Awesome

Automating your webinars are significantly less stressful, and they also avail you of more time.

Automated webinars work for you, repeatedly, while you’re out doing other things, like playing video games, spending time with your loved ones, promoting your business, or cooking an awesome breakfast for your family.

Automation is the way of the future, especially if you’re a tiny one-person team hustling and struggling to find an advantage, or leverage. Webinar automation, in my honest opinion, can avail you of both.

​There Are Two Things You Need For Webinar Automation

There are only two things that you need to host an awesome automated webinar. You need a webinar recording, and you also need an automated webinar platform.

You then simply upload your webinar recording to your chosen webinar platform, design a cool looking registration page, and then hustle hard promoting your webinar.

​Your recording can simply be an .avi or an .mp4 file that you record with any desktop recording software. (I use and recommend ActivePresenter to create just about all of my videos, but if you ever have any questions along those lines then never hesitate to ask).

​I’ve reviewed a ton of automated webinar software over the years. ​A few of them, were an absolute joke, and I couldn’t even get them to work properly.

These days, the world of webinar automation has evolved so much that there are at least 5 automated webinar platforms that I can blindly endorse, because the quality is stellar to the point where you can be absolutely confident that your end users are going to have an awesome experience.

ClickFunnels, EverWebinar, and Stealth Seminar are my three favorite automated webinar platforms. You could easily and honestly choose any one of those three, and you’ll be happy with your choice.

All three of these platforms will make it super easy for you to plan, host, and promote your automated webinar. All three of these platforms also make it super easy to add a “Call To Action” at any point during the webinar, so you can promote absolutely any offer that you want.

You can even simulate a live audience, and include a simulated chatroom, so your 100% automated webinar looks more live, and vibrant.

​How To Followup With Your Attendees In A Cool Way

​After you present your perfect presentation, and after you try your best to sell one of your products or services, not everyone is going to take you up on your offer, right?

Face it. No matter how awesome you, your presentation, your offer, and your prospects are, not everyone is going to buy.

That’s why following up with your webinar attendees via an automated email sequence is such an awesome idea.

The cool part is that these days, most automated webinar platforms will allow you to followup with your prospects based upon what actions they took.

For example, you can followup with the leads in a specific way if they attended the webinar, if they didn’t attend the webinar, if they clicked on your call to action, or if they didn’t click your call to action.

​Promoting Your Webinars With Content Marketing

Let’s talk about content marketing for a minute. If you have a blog, then you ​can start promoting your webinar registration page within a “welcome bar” at the top of your page, and also with an “Exit-intent popup” when visitors exit your page.

You can accomplish both features by using a service called AddThis.com, for free.

That way, every single blog post on your blog will be promoting your webinar registration link, which is ​awesome.

You can then hustle like crazy writing awesome blog posts, and promoting ​those blog posts on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media platform that you want.

That way you’ll be indirectly promoting your webinar like a ninja, and it won’t seem like you’re spamming your webinar registration link because you’ll be promoting new, helpful, and awesome blog posts that you could write every single day if you want to.

(And remember, your blog posts are promoting your webinar registration link via a top bar, and an exit intent popup).

​I also recommend joining and creating blog tribes using Triberr.com, so you can get your blog posts read and shared by authorities in your niche. If you’re going to blog, join and create a blog tribe.

Another really easy way to promote your webinar registration page, is within your social media profiles.

Most of your social media profiles, such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and just about any other social media network will allow you to ​list your website URL inside your profile.

​Consider linking directly to your webinar registration page within this valuable space!

Another thing that you can try if you want to go crazy and take your efforts to the next level, is to repurpose all of these blog posts that you could be making.

You could turn your blog posts into Podcasts, and YouTube videos.

At the end of each Podcast or YouTube video, you could gently plug your blog URL, or otherwise promote the URL of your webinar registration page. (Using a URL redirect of course, so it’s easy for your listeners and viewers to type).

​Promoting Your Webinars With Paid Advertising

Content marketing rocks, and I’m so confident that the methods above can serve you well if you hustle and put in the work.

But maybe you want to promote your webinar without bending over backwards, and creating a boatload of content?

If that’s the case, then you might really love to just promote your webinar with paid advertising.

To be honest, you can find all the leads you’ll ever need just using Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, or Bing Ads.

​This is easier said than done of course, and it will take time and effort to craft a really compelling webinar that entices your audience ​to register, and to ​take action on whatever offer you are promoting on your webinar.

That being said, paid advertising, is without doubt, the fastest way to generate leads, get eyeballs on your webinar registration page, and hopefully, build your ​audience successfully.

​An Awesome And Evergreen Webinar Marketing Strategy

If you want to start getting into webinar marketing, then I have a challenge for you.

Plan out 12 different webinar topics that you want to teach.

Why 12? Because, once you start promoting your webinars, and once people start joining your webinars, you’re going to eventually end up with a nice email list of prospects who like you, know you, and trust you.

That email list is now one of your greatest assets. Why not have a brand-new webinar that you can present to your audience every single month.

Maybe in January you teach one topic, in February you teach another topic, in March you teach a different topic, and so on. At the end of each webinar, you can either promote one of your offers, or even an awesome affiliate offer that you recommend.

That way, you always have something fresh that you can ​share ​with your audience, and you can rinse and repeat the same exact webinars every year.

So, in other words, you’d only need to have 12 webinar topics total for an awesomely evergreen and long-term marketing strategy.

This way you’ll be providing massive value to your list, sharing a ton of awesome content, and of course, you’ll be pitching and promoting your offers at the end of every webinar.

How To Plan The Perfect Webinar ​Script For ​Any Business

Maybe you’re thinking, “Mike, this is all well and good, but I have no clue what to say during my presentation!"

​Or maybe you’re frustrated because you realize that webinar automation rocks, but you just have no clue how to present, what to say, how to pitch your products, and you have no clue how to make it look awesome?

Planning the perfect webinar presentation is as simple as understanding your end user demographic, who they are, what they want, and what you can offer them.

If you’re not sure how you can plan beautiful webinar presentations, from start to finish, then I recommend The Perfect Webinar Script, which is a script from one of my business partners that has generated many multiple-millions of dollars in sales with webinar marketing.

Why The Perfect Webinar Script Rocks​
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​Thanks For Checking This Out, You Rock!
Thanks For Checking This Out, You Rock!

I want to thank you so much for checking out this epically long blog post (lol).

Webinar marketing is ​one of my favorite things, and I’m passionate about it because I’m confident that it can help ​almost any business.

Please remember that if you ever have any questions about any of this stuff, that I remain at your beckon.

I spend at least an hour per day helping people brainstorm and answering questions, and it’s one of my favorite things to do.

So, if you ever have any marketing or tech questions, or just want to brainstorm, I humbly invite you to click here and ask anything that you want.

Your questions help me to improve my content, and also provide a ton of confidence, and creativity.

So, I thank you for reading this, and for asking any questions.

In the meantime, please have a beautiful day, and always remember that I’ve got your back!

Cordially and humbly yours…

Mike DeVincent