​How to build the email list of your life...
How To Build An Email List That Lasts A Lifetime

It doesn’t really matter what type of business you’re in.

You can be a doctor, a lawyer, a dentist, an affiliate marketer, an author, or teacher.

I propose to you, that email marketing, has been, and shall always be one of the best ways to not only build massive rapport with any audience, but it’s also the best way to sell your stuff. (Email will always work best. In our lifetime at least).

That’s why ​I'm such a huge fan of email marketing, email list building, and lead generation via email marketing.

But maybe you’re frustrated because the email list building and email marketing methods you’ve been trying just aren’t working?

If that’s the case, then you’re going to love this; I’ve been email marketing and building my email list since around 2010 and I’m about to reveal ​the ​most important strategies ​that I genuinely believe in.

​These are email marketing strategies that I love, and​ I'm about to share them with you, ​my only hope is that you have as much fun reading this content as I do creating it.

I want to help you to build and nurture an awesome email list! But you won’t be building just any email list.

You’ll be​ ​building an email list that lasts an entire lifetime, so that you may endeavor to build beautiful relationships that last, and so you can build a thriving tribe of prospects who know you, like you, and trust you.

​Building An Email List Is Never About You

The very first thing to remember about building an email list in any niche, is that the list is never really about you.

It’s always about your end users, so always strive to learn more about what your prospects really want, and how can you help them to the best of your ability.

If you have a clearly defined goal that states how you can offer value to your audience, then it’s going to be infinitely easier to not only build an audience, but to keep that audience satisfied over the long-haul.

And I’m going to stress “long-term”, and “long-haul” several times in this document, because if you’re going to devote yourself to lead generation, building an email list, and becoming an email marketer, then you may as well strive to keep each of your leads happy and satisfied, for as long as possible.

That way your efforts compound, your audience compounds, and you’ll have a statistically higher chance of reaching your perceived goal of success well into perpetuity.

In other words, if you can keep your leads happy, you’ll be able to generate leverage, and ​a greater ability to promote whatever it is that you intend.

This is only possible if you know your demographic like the back of your hand; what problems do they have, what keeps them up at night, what makes them “jump” to take action?

If you can answer these questions thoroughly, then you can give yourself a chance to provide content that matters to ​your subscribers deeply, and sincerely.

Because the main goal of an email list, is to provide value to your subscribers. If you can make your subscribers happy, content, and satisfied, then you’ll be providing a ridiculously unfair advantage for yourself, for your business, and also for your subscribers.

​Always Ask Yourself How You Can Deliver Massive Value

Remember that your email list is never about you; your email subscribers aren’t going to join (and stay ​subscribed to) YOUR email newsletter just for the heck of it.

You have to provide them something that’s truly worthy of their devotion, and their precious time.

Something that they would bend over backwards to obtain; you must offer something that’s truly extraordinary if you hope to build an email list of any note.

And you can’t just give away one thing. You need to attract your audience with an enticing lead magnet, yes, however, the real trick is to provide content over the long-haul that keeps them engaged.

This is the one variable that’s so easy to overlook, and it’s also the one variable that can make or break the ultimate feasibility of your email marketing game-plan.

So always ask yourself this one question; how do you intend on offering value over the long-term?

My personal favorite way to provide value over the long-term, is by trying my utmost best to provide ​awesome and valuable content that’s designed to help ​each and every subscriber​.

Whenever someone asks me a question, I brainstorm like crazy trying to help them. I try to “WOW” every subscriber whoever asks me a question.

​I also try to give subscribers a bunch of free stuff that other people pay for; whenever I launch a new course, or a new book, often times I give them away for free to ​email subscribers.

So I strive to ​share ​with my audience, to ​be sincere with them, to help them, and to provide awesome customer support whenever someone asks a question.

Guess what? It’s worked. You’re probably reading this document right now because you yourself are an email subscriber. I thank you cordially and humbly for sticking with me for this long, you rock! 

I encourage you to do the same. Devote yourself to your audience. Strive to provide awesome content that honestly and sincerely helps them. Be there for them when they ask you a question or want to brainstorm.

These tiny little instruments of benevolence can go a far way, and that’s how you can ultimately build a tribe stuffed with awesome subscribers who you’re proud to call your colleagues, and as cheesy as it may sound, your friends.

The Dire Importance Of Having An Effective Email ​Funnel

It’s true that I spend countless intervals of time focusing on how I can deliver value over the long-haul.

However, equally as important, if not more important, is your initial email list building funnel.

There are about 10 reasons why your email list building funnel is important, however, the main reasons ​are because a well crafted email marketing funnel allows you to ​introduce yourself, teach something awesome, and of course, ​promote something to your audience.

When I say email list building funnel, what I really mean, is your lead capture page, your thank you page, your download page, and your immediate followup sequence.

The reason why this is so powerful, and essential, is because a good email list building funnel accomplishes many different things, and each of these components ​are vitally essential to a feasible subscriber acquisition process.

The Components Of An Effective Email List Building Funnel:
  • check
    ​Your lead capture page helps you to target the exact type of prospect that you want, while offering something of extraordinary value at the same time. After split testing many dozens of lead capture pages across many thousands of leads, my results have shown me that simple and to the point often works the best.
  • check
    Your thank you page is the page that your lead sees immediately after they subscribe, and it helps you to introduce yourself, teach something cool, instruct your end user how to obtain their lead magnet, and arguably most importantly, can provide a one-time-upsell so that you ​can try your best to pay for any advertising that you may have spent acquiring the lead.
  • check
    Your download page is the page that is sent to your lead via an email autoresponder sequence immediately after they subscribe. This page is designed to provide whatever lead magnet your end user opted into, and can also be used as another vehicle to generate rapport, to sell, or to introduce yourself even more to your audience.
  • check
    Your upsell sequence is the sequence that your end user experiences immediately after they subscribe. This is most typically and ideally introduced on your “thank you page” and can be a short video thanking your end user, introducing yourself, explaining how your end user can receive their lead magnet, and of course, pitching one of your main offers.
  • check
    Your immediate email followup campaign is the email autoresponder sequence that gets dispatched to all of your new email subscribers as soon as they subscribe. Ideally, the first couple of emails provide access to your “download page” so that your new lead may access the lead magnet. In future campaigns, you can then focus on delivering more value, building stronger relationships, and of course, promoting your products and services.
  • check
    Your Future email campaigns ​are the future of your business​! After you send your ​immediate ​​email campaign initially, it’s still wise to plan future email campaigns, because this is the bread and butter of any email marketing list! You can provide tutorials, promote webinars, promote your own offers, your own books and courses, or promote affiliate products. The name of the game is providing value first and foremost, so that your subscribers appreciate and look forward to your content.
​Always Remember That Strategy Rules The Roost

The single most important strategy for email marketing, is to know your end users thoroughly and completely. Having a solid understanding of your audience is far more important than having a fancy lead capture page.

I realize that building all of these different components of your funnel can be a tad frustrating and overwhelming. Which is why I invite you to contact me if you ever have any questions on that front; I’ve been building websites since I was a kid and have been focusing relentlessly on email marketing for nearly a decade, and I’ve got your back.

On that note, I remind you one final time that strategy is always more important than tactics.

You can have the best email list building funnel, with dazzling lead capture pages and ​marketing pages, but if you ​neglect the core essential strategies of email list building and email marketing, then I can all but guarantee that your efforts shall be for naught.

That’s why I’m always ranting and raving about how it’s so important to understand your end user demographic, ​what they want, and how you can provide valuable content.

The more you understand these questions, the infinitely easier it’s going to be for you to deliver awesome content to your audience over the long-haul.

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You Can Get The Book Shipped To Your House For Free Anywhere In The World (Just Pay A Tiny Shipping Fee) When You Use My Affiliate Link By Pressing The Button Below:

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So maybe you want to brainstorm some cool lead magnet ideas. Or maybe you want to start hosting your own webinars but you have no clue what types of topics might be a good match for you. Or maybe you’re just stuck on the technical side of things.

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