3 Simple Steps To Build Beautiful Marketing Pages For Any Business…

How To Build Beautiful Marketing Pages For Virtually Any Niche Without ​The Frustration Or Overwhelm

​Have you ever been frustrated because you want to design really cool marketing funnels, lead capture pages, sales letters, and order forms, but you have no clue how to start?

Because it doesn’t really matter what type of business you’re in. ​It can always be a genius idea to deploy beautiful marketing pages that are designed specifically to generate leads, designed to sell, and designed to share beautiful content with your audience, prospects, readers, leads, students, and buyers.

That’s Why In This Document I’ll Reveal A Totally Awesome 3-Step Process So You Can ​Engineer The Following:
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    ​Beautiful webinar registration pages ​(so you can share an awesome piece of content with your audience).
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    ​Modern webinar broadcast pages (for both live and automated webinars).
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    Sales pages, that aren’t difficult to get up and running fast, and actually look awesome.
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    Video sales pages, so you can make your case as to why your program or business is totally awesome, and promote it in a modern, sleek, innovative way.
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    Membership pages so you can password protect your downloads, provide access to your products, courses, books, or any type of product to your buyers.
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    Lead generation pages and squeeze pages, so you can generate leads and look awesome in the process.
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    Funnel pages, so you may better endeavor to make the biggest impact possible, with every single website visitor that you ever get (be it from paid advertising or free marketing methods).
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    One time offer pages and upsell pages, so you can strive to pitch your products and services the very moment someone subscribes to your email list, or immediately after they purchase one of your products.
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    Affiliate registration pages, so you can start your own affiliate program, and hustle like crazy trying to generate your own army of affiliates!
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    Order form pages, that are so easy to use and beautiful looking that you’ll wonder why you didn’t start your online business years ago…
The First Step Is Always The Same, ​And It Involves Brainstorming Who Your Audience Is, And What They Want

​Figuring out what your audience, your prospects, and your ideal customers want is always the first and most important step when designing beautiful marketing pages.

​What is something that your prospects would be interested in enough so that they actually take action? Figuring this out is ​the hardest part to designing any marketing page, or planning any marketing campaign.

​When you know your end users well enough, and when you study your prospects, you'll be ​in a much better position to craft beautiful marketing messages and offers that speak directly to their core frustrations and desires.

You can have the best-looking website on the planet, you can be the best human in the world, and have the best intentions for your audience.

But, if you can’t identify what they’re motivated enough to act on, ​then it's going to be so difficult to acquire any momentum.

The reason I mention this, is because having knowledge ​of your audience is ​the ultimate strategy.

That's why companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft spend unfathomable quantities of cash ​compiling information about their end users. It's ​so they can better market to you.

Having a beautiful marketing page that rocks is always a genius idea, however, please always remember that the design of any marketing page is a mere tactic.

Knowing your end user’s wants and needs is a strategy​.

Strategy is always more important.

It’s just like Sun Tzu says in The Art Of War; Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

​The Second Step Is Brainstorming The Perfect Campaign Strategy Before You Begin ​Development

​Before you start the actual ​development of your marketing pages and funnels, it's a great idea to know the big picture of your overall campaign.

​What is the main goal for each marketing page? What is ​the one thing your end user should do when on the page? What's their call to action?

​Another variable to consider, is if you're creating this campaign for your existing audience, or for a cold audience.

​​​​Here are just a few marketing campaign ideas ​that are surprisingly versatile. These types of ​marketing campaigns ​can be super flexible, evergreen, and jammed with value​. ​The possibilities are endless:

  • ​You can launch an automated (or live) webinar campaign to generate a ton of ​authority and rapport with your audience, while also pitching almost anything that you want (be it a book,​ a service, a course, an affiliate offer, or anything). You can do this ​in an effort to generate leads, or ​to ​entertain your existing audience with fresh content (or both).
  • ​You can create a video sales letter that's actually quite helpful and designed to share awesome content with your audience. Maybe you could even use that letter to tell your story and build a relationship with your existing leads, while promoting any of your services or products.
  • ​You can craft an entirely unique email list building funnel or campaign that shares awesome content, promotes your business, and builds your email list. You could then ​could launch it to the world, or ​even send it out to your existing email list in order to further segment your audience, while offering tremendous value (and of course, selling).
  • You can create a private "password protected" area of your website where you have special gifts, reports, case studies, or premium products.
  • You can craft simple download pages that thank your audience for being awesome, share valuable resources, and maybe even references high quality and ​relevant affiliate offers.
  • You can create written sales letters that are designed to tell your story, teach super valuable ​content, bond with your audience, and of course, pitch one of your products or offers.
​The Final Step Involves The Actual Development Of Your Marketing Pages And ​This Step Is The Easiest

Once you have a solid idea of what your audience wants, and what types of marketing pages your business needs to give them an awesome experience, then the creative part of your job is already finished.

Because these days, you don’t have to know ​how to write a single line of code in order to create beautiful marketing pages. You don’t have to know about cPanel, web hosts, web domains, https, certificates, PHP, html, CSS, or any of that stuff, unless you really want to.

Because there are so many awesome marketing services that will allow you to build absolutely beautiful marketing pages, using simple drag and drop tools.

As someone who used to slave over html, CSS, JavaScript, and clunky html editors, I can promise you genuinely that these days, it’s never been easier to build stunning marketing pages.

The best part is that you’ll never have to spend many thousands of dollars on an outsourced coder or marketing guru to help build your marketing pages.

If you can envision the perfectly simple marketing page, or even the most super advanced marketing funnel, then you can easily build it without knowing any tech stuff, simply by using a halfway decent page builder.

After thoroughly reviewing around a dozen page builders over the years, and documenting my results in fine detail, I can tell you that there are ​a handful of them ​that are truly awesome and worthy.

One of my favorites, is ClickFunnels, because ClickFunnels is a Software As A Service, which means that they are always up to date, and are 100% cloud based so you never have to install any scripts, or deal with any tech stuff at all.

​Here's A Big List Of Reasons Why I Personally Love ClickFunnels And ​Proudly Recommend It:
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    ​ClickFunnels is a software as a service, so it's always up to date, and you never have to worry about any glitches or technical hurdles
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    ClickFunnels is very easy to use, so you can deploy beautiful marketing pages and entire marketing funnels without any technical overwhelm
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    Everything is 100% hosted for you in the cloud, so you never have to install cPanel, mess with any code, or worry about who is going to handle your hosting setup and fees
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    ClickFunnels is perfect if you want to generate leads, or sell your products and services, and there are ​a ton of awesome marketing funnels that you can deploy using their drag and drop interface that is 100% hosted in the cloud
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    ​ClickFunnels boasts dozens of beautiful marketing templates that are 100% drag and drop simple to use, scientifically optimized, and beautiful, so you don't have to be a marketing expert to get a really snazzy looking page ​running fast
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    ClickFunnels offers 24/7 live support, so if you ever have any questions about your marketing funnels then you can get as much hand holding as you require
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    ​You can create beautiful lead capture pages that promote your lead magnet in a positive light, without worrying about how your page is going to look
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    You can quickly and easily launch video sales letters, written sales letters, or just about any other type of marketing page without knowing how to write a single line of code, or do absolutely anything technical, and everything is 100% hosted for you
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    You can ​launch and host beautiful marketing webinars​ right within ClickFunnels that can be both live or automated, allowing you to share awesome presentations with both your prospects and existing audience (while of course promoting your offers)
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    ClickFunnels can create awesome membership ​websites, so if you're creating digital products then you can deliver them safely and securely behind a password protected membership area
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    ClickFunnels has a vibrant and passionate community who are ​obsssed ​with all things entrepreneurship, so if you want to be part of a vibrant gang then ClickFunnels is a great choice.
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    You can setup your own affiliate program, so you can hustle like crazy trying to build an army of affiliates who will go on to promote your own offers, products, and services
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    ClickFunnels offers some awesome training that will teach you how to take advantage of the tools at your disposal
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    ClickFunnels ​helps you sell absolutely any product, be it a physical product or digital product, and also helps you to present your business in a really cool light without hiring any coders or designers
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    You can try ClickFunnels free for 2-full-weeks, so you can put it to the test thoroughly and see if it's not the best marketing tool that you've ever used

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    Cost Per Click
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    Top Tier Percentage

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Thank You So Much For Checking This Out! You Rock!

At this point I'd like to summarize everything that I've written on this humble document.

The first step to create beautiful marketing pages, is to know your end user demographic like the back of your hand.

I advise you to study your end users. Ask them questions. Find out what troubles they're having. Spend time around them enough to the point where you know what they need help with. Visit websites like Quora.com so you can figure out what frustrates them, and what they truly need.

If you can do that, then the second step, which is knowing what types of marketing pages you're going to present to your prospects, is so much easier.

Because if you know what problems your prospects have, and you know how you can help them, then brainstorming beautiful content that's designed to help them becomes​ a refreshing walk in the park.

Once you have your funnels and marketing pages designed in your mind, or on paper, it comes time to stop researching, and start developing.

​Luckily for all entrepreneurs, these days it's so easy to design almost any type of marketing page or complex marketing funnel without knowing a single line of code.

I've spent years of my life frustrated and messing around with code so I can build the simplest of pages. These days, it's as easy as choosing a page builder that you like, and then going with it.

There are so many page builders and marketing tools that rock. My advice, is to pick one that you like, and then learn it and use it to the best of your ability.

If you ever have any questions on that front, or if you just want to brainstorm, then please remember that you can always click here to contact me, and you can also simply click reply to my email newsletter.

​Your questions provide to me the confidence and creativity to continue creating helpful content, so I thank you for sending in your questions!

​Thank you so much for checking this out, and please have an awesome day!

Cordially and humbly yours…

Mike DeVincent



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