​Are You Frustrated Trying To Generate Leads For Your Business?

​How To Easily Generate Leads For Your Offline Business... Even If Your Budget Is Tiny And Even If You Totally Suck At Marketing And Tech!

​Hey, Mike DeVincent here of MrComputerScience.com.

I'm an online teacher who is passionate about helping students learn about marketing, business, and technology.

After successfully enrolling well over 10,000 students from 147+ countries into my various marketing courses...

I know how obnoxiously frustrating it can be trying to generate leads.

Especially if your budget isn't the biggest in the world, and especially if you don't have any "guru pals" who can invite you on their Podcast, or write about you on their blog.

​I know on a deep and personal level how difficult lead generation is, because getting students to enroll in your online courses isn't a piece of cake. (Especially if you don't have a Hollywood voice, or face).


​Lead Generation Has Been A Main Concern For Many Of My Students. That's Why I Want To Offer My Humble Two Cents Regarding Lead Generation.

​The sad truth is that lead generation is super simple, but it's simply not possible for all businesses.

That's because ​some businesses just aren't economically viable.

Sure, a lot of people will get mad at me for saying this...

But the truth is that some businesses just have no demand; you can have the fanciest and most beautiful marketing pages in the world, but if nobody wants what you have, then you'll be swimming uphill into a leech-laden swamp.

The opposite is also true; if your product is in massive demand, then it's going to be much easier to generate leads, even if your marketing pages totally suck.

​The Importance Of Knowing Your Audience Better Than Your (Vicious) Competitors.

​That's why, knowing your audience, and your marketplace, is always the single most important thing.

Do you know for a fact that your audience, your demographic, and your ideal audience exists?

If so, ask yourself, how much do you know about them?

Do you know enough to speak directly to their frustrations?

Are you confident enough in your ability to offer amazing content, so you can create content that helps them, and reaches out to them?

​Why You Need A Powerful Email List Building Funnel (Even If You Have No Clue How To Code)

​If you want to generate leads, the single best way in my opinion to do so is with email marketing.

Email marketing will allow you to followup with your leads automatically.

So you can

​Why Email Followups Are The Best Things Going For All Entrepreneurs, Especially​ For Offline Businesses

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​Why You Need A Powerful Sales Funnel

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​How To Tap Into Several Done For You ​Sales Funnels, And Email Marketing Funnels, Without Knowing How To Code Or Even Having A Web Host Of Your Own (The Ultimate Easy Button)

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​Here's How You Can Try ClickFunnels Free For Two Full Weeks, ​​So You Can Finally Generate Leads Or At Least Try Your Best​

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ClickFunnels will allow you to design beautiful marketing pages, while using some of the best "done for you" marketing funnels that I've ever seen.

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