​My Honest Two Cents About Solo Ads

​Are Solo Ads Still A Good Way To Generate Leads?

If you’re not sure what a Solo Ad is, it’s basically a method to advertise in someone else’s email newsletter.

So you can go out there, find a good Solo Ad Vendor, and advertise your lead capture page and generate leads.

The good news is that Solo Ad Clicks are super cheap; if you look hard enough you can find clicks for as low as $.40 – $.50.

The bad news is that there are also a ton of low quality clicks, bot clicks, and junk clicks.

This has lead to many Solo Ad buyers getting totally jipped, and then claiming that all Solo Ads are junk!

Well, there are junk Solo Ad Vendors, just like there are junk pizza parlors, junk barber shops, and junk Real Estate Agents (lol).

The trick, is to ensure that your Solo Ad Vendor is reliable, and has a boatload of positive rankings, that you can verify.

This is something that I have ample experience doing, and I’ve generated thousands of leads over the years using nothing but Solo Ads.

​The Reason I’m Creating This Content, Is Because People Are Always Asking If Solo Ads Still Work!

If you visit any popular marketing forums, you’ll probably encounter countless posts from people asking if whether or not Solo Ads still work.

The truth is that Solo Ads are like any other advertising method.

Solo Ads are certainly not a “get rich quick” scheme, and are best used simply as a method to advertise your lead capture page.

​The Importance Of Having A Solid Email Marketing And Sales Funnel

One of the most important things for a successful email list building campaign, or a Solo Ad campaign, is to have a solid email marketing funnel.

If you don’t have a solid email marketing funnel, then nothing good is ever going to happen.

A solid email list building funnel, will allow you to generate leads, introduce yourself, promote your products, and also followup with your leads, hopefully for an extended interval of time.

The best part is that a good email funnel will do this automatically.

If you don’t have a solid email marketing funnel setup, then there are so many good ways to get one these days.

If you need any help on that front, never hesitate to give me a buzz; I’ve literally built dozens of funnels over the years, and I know a few “done for you” campaigns that you can easily setup without any fuss.

​Another Huge Solo Ad Tip…

A huge tip is to ensure that you’re advertising in a mainstream niche.

If you’re in a tiny niche, then Solo Ads definitely won’t work.

The reason for this, is because the majority of Solo Ad Vendors have relatively mainstream email lists.

So maybe their end users are interested in internet marketing, self-help, health, and other very BIG niches.

In other words, if your business teaches how to play the trombone, or how to find the perfect lawn mowing service in New Jersey, then Solo Ads are DEFINITELY not for you.

In other words, if you’re in a tiny niche, or are trying to find geographic-specific leads, then Solo Ads are definitely not your top choice.

​Solo Ads Will Work For The Foreseeable Future. Here’s Why.

Solo Ads aren’t a magical unicorn and fairy trick that will bring you untold riches (lol).

The main reason why Solo Ads still work in 2018, and why they’ll probably work for the foreseeable future, is because those who run email newsletters love to sell advertising!

And, that’s all Solo Ads are; they’re a method to advertise your business, more specifically, and hopefully, your own email list.

Email marketing is still massive, and selling advertising is one of the easiest ways that these massive e-zine managers can cash in without doing much work.

There are also massive Solo Ad Marketplaces (udimi.com is my favorite) where you can view real reviews from Solo Ad Buyers.

​A Huge Tip For Finding The Best Solo Ad Vendor…

Here’s another massive tip.

Look for people on the popular Solo Ad Marketplaces who are always buying clicks.

You’ll probably notice, that they continually buy from certain Solo Ad Vendors over and over again.

If you see a top buyer buying from the same Solo Ad Vendor over and over again, then little bells should be going off in your mind because that vendor is probably good and is delivering awesome clicks.

Why else would the same buyer keep buying from them?

That’s the beauty of a solid solo ad marketplace, it’s that all of the transactions and reviews are listed publically for the world to see.

​One Final Solo Ad Tip!

Remember that Solo Ads aren’t a “get rich quick” thing.

A lot of gurus OVER SELL the idea of Solo Ads.

Remember that Solo Ads are simply an advertising method.

All advertising campaigns require a boatload of effort, skills, split testing, and even a little luck.

They require much work, dedication and practice, just like any other form of paid advertising.

That being said, I think that they’re totally awesome, and at the end of the day, they can be a really cool and cheap way to build your email list.

If you ever have any questions about solo ads, then please never hesitate to ask! I dare to venture that I'm an awesome person to ask about this particular topic, and it's something that I love to chat about.

I hope that this finds you well, and I hope that you have an awesome day!

​Thank You So Much For Checking This Out!​

​Personally, I love Solo Ads. I love the idea that others will promote my lead capture page, my webinar funnel, or my email newsletter for around fifty cents per click.

This is much cheaper than many other advertising methods, but please proceed with caution!

​The truth is that, Solo Ads are just like any other type of paid advertising, they require much work, effort, testing, and even some luck!

If you ever have any questions, or simply want to brainstorm, then please never hesitate to contact me.

I've got your back, and can't wait to hear from you!

Until then, stay awesome, and please have an amazing day.

Cordially and humbly yours...

Mike DeVincent


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