​A Powerful Content Marketing Tip That I Live By!

​How To ​Easily Automate Your Best Content

I wrote a ​nifty report many years ago, that taught how to repurpose content.

It was one of my most popular ​pieces of content at the time, and the premise of the ​content was simple, and as follows;

It’s much easier to create beautiful content ONCE, and share that content everywhere, than it is to constantly create awesome content on a reliable basis.

The reason for that is simple.

As a “one person” entrepreneur, we’re drastically outgunned, outnumbered, understaffed, and overpowered.

And compared to many of our successful competitors, let’s face it, we’re dead broke.

Especially when compared to the Goliath gurus, the billion dollar companies, and the massive organizations with entire teams and marketing budgets the size of Lake Superior.

​What About All Of The Work We Have To Do As “One Person Team” Entrepreneurs?

  • ​We have to handle tech (and customer) support.
  • check
    We have to design our lead capture pages, sales pages, thank you pages, webinar pages, et cetera.
  • check
    We have to research new content ideas, AND WRITE new content.
  • check
    We have to be the copywriter.
  • check
    We have to the be graphic designers, copywriters, plus make sure that our websites stay online.
  • check
    We have to scout for affiliates and joint ventures.
  • check
    ​We have to network and meet new colleagues, readers, teachers, students, and peers.
  • check
    ​We have to plan promotions, new products, blog posts, social media content.
  • check
    This is just scratching the surface really, small entrepreneurs are doomed to face an unyielding litany of responsibilities!

​I Could Rant And Rave, And Continue This List For A Long Time, And I’m Sure You Could Help Me.

The main point of this, is that repurposing your content gives you a chance to get your name out there, without any ongoing extended efforts.

Repurposing your content, allows you to “capture” your best content in a bottle so to speak, so you can unleash it whenever you want, and at the best moment.

There are so many ways you can effectively repurpose your content.

You can turn your books into video courses, your books into videos, and your blog posts into social media content.

Another awesome way to ​automate your content, is by hosting automated webinars.

So you can construct the perfect sales pitch once, and then use it over, and over, and over.

​But, My Single Favorite And In My Opinion The Single Most Important Way To ​Easily ​Automate Your Content, Is Via An Automated Email Funnel.

Here’s the perfect formula that I’ve been using for years.

Collect the best content that you’ve ever ​created. And then, construct an automated email sequence that each new email subscriber gets.

Every single week, (or at any interval that you decide works the best) ​send your awesome subscribers a piece of your content.

Maybe your content is in the format of a blog post, a YouTube video, an audio recording, a Podcast, or absolutely any other format that you like creating.

That way, you can literally turn every ounce of effort you have, and use it over and over. And over. And over, and over. :)

Why is this so immensely powerful? Because each and every lead that ever joins your email list, will see the BEST content that you’ve ever written.

​The Best You, Is Now ​Automated, For Every Subscriber Who Ever Joins Your Email Funnel.

It gives yourself a chance, and lets you recycle your best content over, and over again.

That’s my honest two cents after being a reclusive IT nerd, ​and also a huge fan of automation.

This is the perfect strategy, because now, whenever you get new email subscribers, you don't have to experience a panic attack in an effort to create content immediately!

Instead, you can crack a big fat smile, and relax, knowing that your new email subscriber will receive some of the best content that you've ever created, automatically.

If you ever have any questions about implementation, or just want to brainstorm, never hesitate to ​contact me.

Please have a beautiful day.

​And, I thank you so much for reading this!

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