​How To Smash Writer's Block And Brainstorm Awesome Ideas 

​The Easiest Way To Beat Writer’s Block

Have you ever been frustrated, because whenever you sit down to write sales letters or marketing emails nothing ever comes?

Maybe you try your best to create beautiful content, but you’re just staring back at a blank page?

I know what that’s like.

Over the years, ​I've struggled with writer's block, even though I have a ton of experience click clacking on this here keyboard.

I'm not resilient, nobody is; it happens to all of us. :(

​However, Here’s One Exercise That Helps Me Dramatically More Than Anything Else.

That one thing, is to take copious notes as to the frustrations that your audience has.

Always be cognizant, of the problems that your ideal audience is struggling with. If you can successfully accomplish that, you’ll never run out of new content ideas, especially because the marketplace is always changing, shifting, and adapting.

​If you’re on my email list then you’ve probably noticed that I’m always asking you to REPLY to my emails, with anything that’s troubling you.

I’m always begging and pleading, to tell me your deepest frustrations. I do that for two reasons.

​I’m Not Selfish, Evil, Or Trolling. To Be Honest, I Really Want To Help You Anyway That I Can.

I frequently rant about how I spend at least an hour per day interacting with students and subscribers. That’s the truth; I devote a ton of time to answer any tech or marketing questions that anyone ever asks.

But, selfishly, and secretly, (muahaha) I also want to know what makes you tick.

See, each time you ask me a question, it provides a beautiful opportunity for me to not only help you, but to better craft ​more, and better content ​while also staying current.

So, back to the point of writer’s block, always remember that when you can’t think of anything to write about, STOP thinking about yourself.

Instead, focus on your end users, your audience, your ideal customers, and your perfect demographic avatar.

What problems do they have? What’s the main thing that keeps them up at night, and causes them to break down crying, or otherwise smash their keyboard?

If you can brainstorm deeply about those questions, you’ll never, and I mean NEVER run out of awesome content ideas.

​So, If You Have An Email Newsletter, Start Asking Your Awesome Subscribers What Problems They’re Having.

You might be shocked to see that your subscribers reply with a literal novel as they spout off, rant, and tell you their deepest core problems that they’re facing in life.

When that happens, you’ll notice a few things.

First, you’ll notice that you almost never again have writer’s block. Because you’ll have more and more content ideas as people are asking you questions over time.

This is truly fascinating, because as time goes on, you’ll probably find new and better solutions to common recurring problems in your niche. So, this phenomenon of change is kind of the gift that keeps on giving because you can then create more and better content.

Suddenly you have so many questions that need answering, and you’ll know for a fact that your audience would love the content that you’re writing.

​Even If You Don’t Have An Email Newsletter, Just Keep Your Eyes Open.

What problems are your ideal prospects ranting about on Facebook? On forums? When they review popular products in your niche?

Keep your eyes peeled for unmet demands and especially complaints, because unhappy customers are great opportunities to capitalize upon in the form of new content ideas.

That’s just my two cents, and it’s a method that’s worked quite well for ​my writer's block struggles over the years.

Thanks for checking this out.

As always, if you ever have any questions, or just want to brainstorm, please ​reply to my email newsletter and ask me anything.

I’m always around, and I’m happy to help.

Talk later, and stay cool.

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