​How Your Blog Can Beat ​Ad Blockers! :)

​2 Cool Ways Bloggers Can Fight Ad Blockers With A Super Low Profile!

Have you ever been frustrated because your advertisements are being blocked by your readers? Then check this out!

As someone who absolutely loathes all forms of advertising (lol), I can relate to end users who utilize ad blockers.

Heck, I use ad blockers all the time; I'm using one right now.

Heck, uBlock Origin is one of my “goto” browser plugins, and I couldn’t imagine browsing without it!

However, in this document, I want to share some really cool tricks to statistically reduce your chances of your advertising getting blocked by ad blockers.

I’ve been testing the methods here with uBlock Origin (which is by far the best ad blocker by the way).

​Method # 01 – Host ​Your ​Banner ​Images ​On ​Your ​Own ​Domain!

One of the easiest ways for your advertisements to get detected (and blocked) as ads is if they are hosted on a major ad network.

This is one of the first things that a competent ad-blocker looks for when determining if it’s going to allow your content.

So, if you can host your banner images locally, on your own web host, instead of serving it from a massive advertising network, then you can have a much better chance of your content “sneaking” by the ad-blocker because your code will contain less references to large marketing networks or affiliate marketplaces.

​Method # 02 – Make ​Sure ​To ​Create ​Redirects ​For ​Your ​Commercial ​And ​Affiliate ​Links!

This is something that’s a really smart idea to do even if you have no intention of trying to sneak around ad-blockers.

The reason why creating a redirect for your affiliate link rocks, is because you can also use that redirect to track your hyperlinks and clicks.

If you’re on WordPress, there is a really cool plugin that will let you create beautiful (and easy) URL redirects, called Pretty Links.

Pretty Links will allow you to create shortened, redirect URLs (such as mrcomputerscience.com/link instead of a long, pesky affiliate link).

So not only will your link be more visually appealing, but you’ll also be able to TRACK links with your shortened URL.

Even better, is that the ad-blockers, I believe, are statistically less likely to notice that your web content may contain pesky content served from ad networks, or affiliate marketplaces.

Another Genius Strategy For Smashing Ad-Blockers…

Is to keep your advertising in-house!

So instead of promoting (and linking to) any third party affiliate links or advertising networks, why not promote your own products and services?

If you can create your own promotions, and link to your own lead capture pages, webinar registration pages, sales letters, and own unique content, then I believe that you will be much less likely to notice any negative impact.

(Not to go off topic, but you could theoretically promote an in-house webinar funnel that then goes on to ​pitch absolutely anything).

The cool part, is that you can finally focus on promoting your own stuff, and your own funnels, which is always a worthy endeavor, right?

Another Huge Strategy Is To ​Try Promoting Your Own Email Newsletter Instead Of Serving Advertisements!

Instead of serving traditional advertisements on your website, why not just promote your email newsletter?

The beautiful thing about promoting your email newsletter, is that you have the ultimate ​freedom to promote whatever you wish within the actual newsletter content.

So you could use your email newsletter to creatively promote your affiliate offers, your own offers, your webinar campaigns, your product funnels, your traditional sales letters, or anything you want.​

To me, managing an email newsletter is the coolest thing, and it's a source of tremendous pride, excitement, and fun!

I encourage those who have never done so, to give it some consideration. :)

​If ​You ​Follow ​These ​Simple ​Tips, ​You’ll ​Probably ​Be ​Able ​To ​Sneak ​Past ​The ​Ad-​Blockers!

At least, for right now.

Who knows what innovations await us in the world of ad-blockers, and other methods that make internet browsing less annoying? (Lol).

I find myself in a catch-22, as a blogger and someone who constantly uses ad-blockers! 

In any event, I thank you so much for checking this out, and if you ever want to brainstorm simply hit me up.

Talk later.

And please have a beautiful day!

​Thank You So Much For Checking This Out!​

​These days putting your end users first has to be a top priority.

Because they care about their privacy, they care about their ease of use, and they don't want their bandwidth choked down by annoying advertisements!

I think, more and more, the average user of the internet wants less annoying advertisements.

Going forward, I think a great question that all entrepreneurs should ask, is "how can I make my advertisements less annoying?".

That's a great question to ask, because if you can make your advertisements valuable, entertaining, or worthy-of-one's-time, then that's a beautiful thing, right?

​In any event, I thank you so much for reading this humble document.

​If you ever have any questions, or simply want to brainstorm, then please never hesitate to contact me.

I've got your back, and I'm always ​happy ​to​ read your feedback, questions, or comments!

Until then, stay awesome, and please have an amazing day.

Cordially and humbly yours...

Mike DeVincent


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