​Socially Awkward IT Nerd Reveals The Best Public Speaking Hack... :)

​An Awesome Public Speaking Tip For Entrepreneurs…

As you know, most humans on Earth are repulsed by public speaking! Let me give you my favorite tip…

These days, public speaking has honestly never been so important.

it doesn’t matter if you’re making YouTube videos, teaching online courses, or trying to negotiate a better rate on your mortgage.

The truth is that the ability to speak has never been this important.

​So Let Me Give You A Nifty Little Public Speaking Tip…

First let me give you a quick background story.

I’m the shyest nerd on the planet.

I have thick glasses, and a beard that I haven’t shaved since 2010ish (lol).

To make a long story short, I used to avoid all things public speaking like my life was on the line; I’m a huge introvert and I’m scared of humans! -wink-

​But Guess What? I Finally Came Out Of My Shell!

​If you want to be an online teacher, public speaking is so important!

Your ability to motivate others with your words is a skill that can make your course content much more enjoyable to digest for your students.

Because, one of the worst things in the world, is when you create content, but then nobody consumes that content!

If you follow this tiny little tip that I'm about to reveal, I honestly think that your confidence of delivery, and the clarity of your content will skyrocket.

I’m not saying this to brag — I’m saying this to impress upon you the idea that heck, if I can effectively speak in front of people, then you definitely can too.

All of this simply leads up to to the tip I’d like to ​share with you, and the tip is as follows:

​Always Know What You’re Going To Say Before You Say It!

The biggest reason why I used to be so frightened of public speaking, is because I wasn’t confident in my ability to effectively speak.

In other words…

One of the biggest hesitations I’ve had over the years, is when I have absolutely no clue what to say.

The very fear of stumbling over my words, or even worse, having absolutely nothing to say was a huge source of stress.

That’s the biggest public speaking fear that I personally have, and many of my colleagues have.

It's to be totally speechless.

Being tongue-tied, can easily result in being a nervous wreck when it comes time to open your mouth in front of your audience, listeners, students, prospects, colleagues, peers, or anyone.

So, always be cognizant of exactly what you’re going to say.

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

At the very least, at least know the main points (and secondary) points of your speech.

​It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Teaching, Preaching, Selling, Or Bargaining!

This might seem like the most obvious thing on the planet, however, this I can promise you.

​Not too long ago, I was deathly afraid of even talking to anyone, let alone presenting in front of a class.

That's because, ​back in the day, I had absolutely no clue what points I wanted to get across

Now, in my advanced (old) age, I’ve never been as confident.

Even though I’m not as ​cool as I was way back then, I’m much wiser; because I always know exactly what I’m going to say, and how I’m going to say it.

So, even if I fail utterly in my delivery, at the very least, I've allowed myself a chance to rehearse my points, so hopefully, I'll be able to make a clear, powerful presentation. (Even if I mumble or stutter, hopefully I won't ramble, lol).

​Preparation Is The Ultimate Confidence Hack For Public Speaking.

It’s something that nobody can ever take away from you.

Nobody can ever take away your preparation.

So, the best advice I can give, is to give yourself a chance the next time you teach, preach, communicate or bargain.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain simply by knowing what you’re going to say.

If you have the chance to write and rehearse a beautiful script for your presentation, course, Podcast, video, or promotion, then I encourage you to do so!

And who knows.

Maybe, if you're as shy as I am, you won’t be so deathly afraid to share your knowledge with the world, if you put forth a tiny quantity of effort in order to prepare.

It works for me, and I’m so confident, that if it can work for me… Then heck… It’ll definitely work for you.

Thanks so much for checking this out, and please have an awesome day!

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