​Trouble Getting Motivated? Then Check This Out...

​The Best Motivational Hack For Entrepreneurs, Guaranteed.

Have you ever been frustrated because you want to create awesome content, finish your new book, build our an awesome email newsletter, promote your email funnel, or launch an online course?

If that’s the case, I totally get where you’re coming from.

I know how frustrating it can be when you’re trying to share the best content possible. Especially when you’re not feeling well, are feeling lazy, or just can’t get into the mood to brainstorm with inspiration.

So, one thing I’m always trying to do is maximize my own motivation, so at least I can get something done during the day when I’m feeling like a lazy curmudgeon.

​Luckily, There’s One Motivational Hack That Easily Transcends All Others.

That hack, is to remember how infinitely scarce your life is.

One of the first emails that I send to my new email subscribers, talks about how life is too short to be a lame host.

Life is tragically short, and being cognizant of this, is the strongest motivating factor that can hack your motivation.

Always give everything you’ve got to whatever you’re doing.

It’s what I personally do; I always try my best.

And I’m not saying that I’m particularly good at anything.

​Just Because We Try Our Best, Doesn’t Meant That We Won’t Suck. We Suck At A Lot Of Things.

But the point is that, I try to maintain confidence throughout everything that I ever do.

I strive to be satisfied with my creative output. This can be achieved, when you honestly try to help other people.

Whether you are answering a question that a student asks, replying to someone on Twitter, or writing a blog post.

Try to make everything the best that you can do.

That way, you can be happy with your efforts, and you can interact with others in a way that’s totally cool; in a way that you’ll always be proud of.

​It Doesn’t Matter What You’re Doing In Life.

You can be building an email newsletter, writing a blog post, or teaching an online course.

Always try your best.

Because, life is tragically short.

So, never waste your time here on this really cool planet.

If you want to help others, create content, teach an online course, write a book, and build an awesome business, then heck, why waste a single minute?

If anyone ever takes the time to ask you a question, or for your help, why not crack a massive smile and try your best?

​That’s When You Are At Your Best.

When you can help your fellow humans. When you share your experiences with those curious, and hopeful enough to ask.

So you can satiate the innocent sparkle of curiosity in their hopeful eyes.

You’re at your best, when you help others, and share your work, with the world.

So, whenever I see someone who says that they’re not confident in themselves, or their ability to create really awesome content for this world, I’m absolutely horrified.

​What Horrifies Me Even More, Is When They Say That They Just Can’t Motivate Themselves.

Because, life is short enough whereupon you must proceed with the utmost vigor.

Life’s too short to worry about perfection.

The truth is that, you are perfect, because you’re infinitely rare.

So, make the best use of your time, during every second of every day.

I’m confident, above all else, that everything can and will work out for you.

​As Long As You Try Your Best.

Talk later, and please have an awesome day.

This has been Mike “Infinity” DeVincent…

And I’m signing off.

Thanks again for ​checking this out, and please have an awesome day!

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