​Can't Decide The Perfect Niche For Your Next Project? Then Check This Out...

​How You Can Choose The Perfect Topic For Your Blog Or Email Newsletter

I created my first website in Junior High, using HTML, way back in the 1990s!

Ever since then, I fell in love with computer science, HTML, building websites, and all of the nerdy things that go along with it. (Like AV Club in High School, lol).

Eventually, I obviously fell in love with the world of WordPress blogging.

The most important thing to remember, is that I have personally known so many bloggers, writers, and entrepreneurs, who ultimately end up quitting their blog.

Maybe after a few months, or even a few years, they eventually quit their blog, and they quit writing all together.

This is something that you’ll probably notice if you’ve been in the blogging world for any amount of time.

Because, as you know, most startups fail. Many sources cite that around or even over 90% of startups ultimately fail.

I like to throw the world of bloggers into this same 90% of failure rate.

So, I believe, if you want to start a blog, or an email newsletter, that there’s one main criteria that can help you to choose the perfect niche. I intend on sharing that with you in this humble little document.

​That Main Thing, Is To Ask Yourself, What’s Something That You Absolutely Love To Write About?

What’s a topic that you could continually write about, even if nobody ever read a single line of your content?

For me, I love to write about email marketing, teaching, IT security, blogging, and lead generation. Those are a few topics that I absolutely love, and I also know a lot about.

Now I challenge you to ask yourself, what are a small handful of topics that you absolutely love?

To me, that’s the single most important thing.

Because, so many bloggers end up getting sick and tired of creating content, simply because nobody ever reads their stuff.

So maybe after a few months of not getting any traction, they end up quitting their blog all together.

A ton of my students have asked me about different niches over the years.

They ask my about XYZ niche.

My advice is always the same.

​Choose A Niche That You Love. Don’t Start A Blog, Or An Email Newsletter, For The Wrong Reasons.

​The best strategy for a blogger, or an email newsletter, is to just try your best to help people.

Make your content helpful, so that anyone who happens upon your content, is going to love it.

That’s why, being a blogger or a newsletter writer over the long-term can be so powerful.

Because, the more content you write, and the larger your body of work becomes, the higher the odds of someone actually finding, reading, and enjoying your content.

​Choose A Niche That Excites You.

So that even if nobody ever reads your content, then at least you won’t be wasting your time, and you’ll enjoy every moment of what you’re doing.

And, you’ll also become a better writer, because writing is something that can improve dramatically over time. Also, the speed at which you write, can improve big time if you write frequently enough.

These days, I can write a 500-word blog post in about 5 to 10 minutes, simply because I’ve written so much over the years on these types of nerdy topics.

​One Final Note, Is That Just Because You Choose One Topic Initially, Doesn’t Necessarily Mean That You Must Strictly Abide By That Topic Indefinitely.

​​When I first created the MrComputerScience.com blog, I was in college and just created the blog to write about IT related topics. I had no idea what​ the strategy of the website was going to be, I ​just love to create websites and so I registered the blog.

At first the blog was mostly an IT blog; I blogged about how you can build a blog, how you can build a computer from scratch, about wireless encryption algorithms, computer programming, Botnets, identity theft, how to protect yourself from viruses, and things along those lines.

Eventually, I ​decided to totally change topics. These days, my favorite topics to write about are: teaching, blogging, writing, content creation, self-publishing, and things along those lines.

The main point of me mentioning this, is that, in my opinion, it's okay to write about whatever the heck you want. Follow your passion! Find any excuse to continue writing, because, practice is a writer's best friend.

So, ​tangent aside, I kind of switched topics, because my philosophy is that, it can be a great idea to write whatever comes naturally to you, ​but it's more important to write about stuff that you love; this way, you don't get bored, and you stand a better chance to stick to it over the long-haul. :)

​My Parting Word Of Advice...

I didn’t mean to rant and rave for this long, but I’m passionate about this topic because I’ve personally known so many friends, colleagues, and peers who eventually end up quitting their blog, closing their websites, and abandoning their email newsletter, simply because they get sick and tired of the topic they’re creating content about.

So always remember to never choose your blog topic for the wrong reason.

Choose a topic that you love, so that creating content is a dream come true, and not some ugly chore.

Until that time, please remember, that you can always contact me if you have any questions, or if you want me to create content on a topic.

One of my main goals is to create more awesome content, and you can help me accomplish that goal by asking questions, and I invite you to do so with open arms.

Please have a beautiful day, and always remember that life is glorious.

​Thank You So Much For Checking This Out!​

​You rock! Seriously, ​t​hank you so much for checking this out.

I truly think that choosing the right niche, or topic for your blogs, email newsletters, courses, books, or just about any content is so vitally important.

I also believe that you should choose your niche for the right reasons. :)

​Life's too short to mess around with stuff that doesn't interest you; follow your passions, so your content has the chance to meet your best and fullest potential.

Only then will your content shine; like a ​lone source of light in an otherwise dark world.

This is just my humble two cents, as always, however, I do hope that it finds you well.

​If you ever have any questions, or simply want to brainstorm, then please never hesitate to contact me.

I've got your back, and always look forward to hearing from you!

Until then, stay awesome, and please have an amazing day.

Cordially and humbly yours...

Mike DeVincent


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