​My Favorite Copywriting Strategies... Revealed!

​How To Write Helpful Marketing Emails That Your Audience Will Love

Let’s talk about how you can write beautiful marketing emails that your audience will love, without being a marketing pest, without being spammy, and without annoying anyone.

One of my favorite strategies for email marketing, is to offer content that helps your end user.

The only way you can help your end user, is if you know exactly what type of frustrations that they’re having at the moment.

So, that’s one of the main things to think about as you build your email list, as you generate leads, as you create and promote lead magnets, and as you write content over an extended interval of time.

​One Really Cool Trick Is To Constantly Ask Your Subscribers What Struggles They’re Having!

​Always remember, that your subscribers, are living, breathing humans. Therefore, their needs change over time.

So, it’s a smart move to stay in touch, and to invite your end users to ask you questions now and then.

There are a few different ways you can ask your audience, or otherwise study what types of problems they’re having.

One thing that I personally try to do every single day, is spend a few minutes on websites like Quora.com so I can tell what types of questions people are asking in my niche.

Another great way to study your end user, is to ask them directly.

One idea that I’m always stressing in all my books and online courses is that it can be a powerful exercise to constantly ask your audience what problems they’re having.

​You Can Even Simply Add A “PS” At The End Of Your Emails In An Effort To Figure Out What Your Audience Wants

​This can be done by sending out an individual email that polls your audience, or simply by adding a “PS” at the end of your emails that simply asks your end user to REPLY to your emails and ask questions.

Or, you can simply add a note without the PS, just include a short call to action inviting your readers to REPLY to your emails.

This is something I try to personally do inside every single email that I ever send, and the amount of information that I get from my subscribers in this way is awesome and very insightful.

​This Is Super Ridiculously Powerful For A Few Different Reasons.

​Reason number one, is because as your email subscribers reply to you, Gmail and other inbox providers are going to notice that these end users are interacting with you, thereby statistically increasing your odds of landing in the inbox, and not the spam-box.

Another reason why it’s great to prompt a response from your readers, is because they’re going to be statistically more likely to remember you if they spend time to ask you questions.

Another super powerful reason why this is genius, is because you will then know exactly what types of emails that you should be creating.

Because your end user is asking you directly for help, they’re telling you exactly what they need help with, and they’ll probably appreciate any content that you create as a result of their questions.

​This Is How You Can Create Beautiful Emails That Your Audience Will Love!

This will also enable you to craft sales content in the form of bonuses, offers, and affiliate promotions because you’re going to know what problems your audience is having.

So not only will your new content be more relevant, but you’ll also be in a much better position to refer products and services that your audience will love, and you’ll also be building a super powerful relationship when you provide support to your audience.

So really, it’s a win / win / win.

Thank you so much for checking this out, you rock!

And please have an awesome day!

​Thank You So Much For Checking This Out!​

​You rock! Seriously, ​t​hank you so much for checking this out.

I truly hope that you had fun reading this humble document, because email copywriting is one of my favorite topics in the world.

The reason I'm so passionate about email copywriting, is because this is a ​skill that can help all entrepreneurs, and, most importantly, the best email copywriting strategies are always evergreen!

Strategies such as being cool to your subscribers, striving your best to deliver valuable content, and having fun while expressing yourself honestly are some of those evergreen strategies that, in my opinion, will always work. :)

​Once again I thank you so much for reading. I owe you the world, truly.

​If you ever have any questions, or simply want to brainstorm, then please never hesitate to contact me.

I've got your back, and I'm here if you have any questions.

Until then, stay awesome, and please have an amazing day.

Cordially and humbly yours...

Mike DeVincent


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