​How To Make An Awesome Lead Capture Page That Converts

​​So Here’s My Best Three Step Process To Make A Lead Capture Page That Totally ​Rocks

  • ​Step # 1 – Know who your target end user demographic is to the best of your ability. Know what frustrations they have. Know all about the problems they’re experiencing relevant to your niche. ​Keeping this knowledge in mind will make it so much easier for you to brainstorm amazing lead magnets, and it can also keep your copwriting on point, and focused.
  • ​Step # 2 – ​Brainstorm and develop a valuable lead magnet that solves ​a core frustration, or one of the core frustrations of your ideal ​prospect. For extra points, brainstorm 5 or 10 different lead magnets that you could experiment with.​​
  • Step # 3 – Make the design of your lead capture page super simple! All you need is ​a simple headline that teases benefits, an impactful call to action inviting your end user to subscribe, and then a big opt-in form​. If you’ve ever seen my lead capture pages, they are super simple, clear, ​pithy, ​and they also use really big fonts.

​​Make Your End User Immediately Understand The Benefits Of Your Lead Magnet, And The Call To Action Without Any Second Guessing

Try to design your lead capture page so that your end user will understand the benefits of your lead magnet ​in under 5 seconds.

​First, ​have a massive headline talking about the frustration of your end user, or otherwise ​teasing a clear benefit that your lead magnet delivers.

​Second, include a clear call to action, and make it obvious that your subscriber is going to get something cool when they ​subscribe.

​Third, have a really huge opt-in form with a big, brightly colored subscribe button, hopefully with a large bold font that’s super easy to read.

​This is my humble two cents after designing countless-dozens of lead capture pages and generating many thousands of subscribers over the years.

​One Final Tip, Is To Always Split Test Different Lead Capture Pages

​​My advice is to split test as often as you can, so you can optimize your conversion rates as much as possible.

​Because there’s a massive difference between having a lead capture page that converts at 19% and having one that converts at 67%. Especially if you’re paying for advertising.

​I love to create many lead capture pages, ​and then see which ones get the most attention, and the best conversions.

​Why ​have only one lead capture page, and only one lead magnet? Why not have, many lead ​magnets​,​ and many lead ​capture pages?

That way, you can better test the demand of different lead magnets, and offers.

​Because at the end of the day, our opinion never matters. What matters most, is the action that our end users take; they decide what converts, not us​!

I’m confident, that if you keep these strategies in mind, you’ll have an awesome starting point​,​ ​and at the very least something to compare your own ​methods to.

In any event, I hope I gave you some cool ideas here, and I also hope that you have a great day.

​Thank You So Much For Checking This Out!​

​You rock! Seriously, ​t​hank you so much for checking this out.

Creating lead capture pages has always been one of my favorite topics to ​brainstorm and think about.

Mostly because, I honestly believe that if you're going to spend your preciously invaluable time promoting a lead capture page, then ​the impact of that lead capture page, more specifically the conversions, are a huge variable to consider.

There's a ​big difference between having a lead capture page that converts at 65%, and having one that converts at 19%. So, always strive to brainstorm and split test different ideas, so you can strive to attain maximum results. :)

This document contains my best tips for lead capture page creation, after I've put a ton of thought into this. I truly hope that you had fun reading!

​If you ever have any questions, or simply want to brainstorm, then please never hesitate to contact me.

I've got your back, and look forward to seeing you next time.

Until then, stay awesome, and please have an amazing day.

Cordially and humbly yours...

Mike DeVincent


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