​Are Video Sales Letters Going To Become Less Prominent?

​Why Long Form Sales Copy Is Likely To Make A Massive Comeback…

​Before we discuss why long-form sales letters are likely to make a massive comeback…

It’s first important to talk about why "vanilla" Video Sales Letters are probably going to be less and less effective going forward.

If you’ve ever checked out the ClickBank marketplace, you probably found that a ton of video sales letters have performed tremendously well in the past.

The biggest problem with Video Sales Letters is that the videos usually try to play automatically, without your permission.

​The problem is that a lot of people absolutely hate videos that play automatically these days. (Most of my friends and family get visually upset when an annoying video plays automatically without their permission, ​myself included, lol).

In fact, now that Google Chrome has vowed to automatically block videos that play automatically, the result is likely going to be the increased popularity of traditional text-based sales letters.

Not to mention, there are so many ad blockers and script blockers for different web browsers these days that detest videos that play automatically.

​This Isn’t The Only Reason Why Long Form Sales Copy ​Is Poised To Make A Big Comeback.

​Another reason why Video Sales Letters might become extinct is because of the massive popularity of mobile devices.

Each year I’ve noticed that my blog readers and email subscribers are using mobile devices more and more. It’s now to the point, where my own personal friends and colleagues spend more time on their mobile devices rather than traditional desktop computers.

(I myself don't really like smartphones that much to be honest, lol, however, as you know, our own opinion always matters little; what matters most is what your END USERS are doing).

While videos can absolutely play on mobile devices, I think it’s also true that someone is less likely to sit through an hour-long video or a 2-hour long webinar on their mobile device.

Much more practical is a simple and to the point sales letter composed of written text.

​Think About The Largest Retailers On The Planet. Their Sales Letters Are Almost Always Simple Plain Text.

​I look at websites such as Amazon, Target, BestBuy and Walmart; they are proof that you don't need fancy Video Sales Letters to sell.

I mention this because text-based sales letters can work wonders.

You don’t need to dazzle and shock your customers with fancy videos, and I think that the popularity of these massive retailers offer more proof than my paltry words can do.

Also think about some of the most popular e-learning marketplaces on the planet, such as SkillShare and Udemy.

What these companies have done, is utilized a “hybrid” video sales letter style, where the videos themselves do not play automatically, and there’s also text-based sales copy below the video itself.

So, I don’t believe that video sales letters will stop being viable all together, however, I think that text-based content is going to continually get more and more popular as time goes on.

Because internet users, now more than ever, want more control over their web experience, meaning they don't want their videos to autoplay, and they might even become offended if the videos play automatically.

​This Isn’t Purported To Be Bad News. This Is Awesome News. Here’s Why.

​There’s an abundant wealth of “old school” sales letter training from legendary marketers who existed long before any of us.

They’ve left massive clues regarding how to write amazing sales letters that convert.

They’ve sold ​everything from luxury ​vehicles to vacuum cleaners with the written word, long before the existence of the internet.

I mention this only in an effort to motivate and inspire you. That the written word works, and it can work wonders if you play your cards right.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, I encourage you to Google for terms such as “The best old-school sales letters ever written”, “the best sales letter samples”, “legendary sales letter sample” and so on.

There’s a near-infinite collection of powerful samples and swipe files that you can brainstorm with, and I personally love nothing more than to study the marketing legends of old.

In any event, I thank you so much for checking this out.

It's my honest opinion, that the Video Sales Letter popularity is going to shrink as time goes on.

Maybe "hybrid" sales letters, with a video that does NOT autoplay accompanied by sales copy underneath the video will become more and more popular.

Or, maybe plain "old school" long form sales letters will make an epic comeback. This will be my preference because I think the written word is one of the most persuasive tools that we humans have yet to master.

Thanks again for checking this out, and please have an awesome day!

​Thank You So Much For Checking This Out!​

​Thank you so much for reading this content.

My only hope, is that you had as much fun reading it, as I did writing it.

It's my honest opinion that being able to write awesome sales copy is one of the most powerful skills for any entrepreneur.

Now that Google Chrome has promised to start blocking videos that play automatically, and since more and more end users are using ad blockers and script blockers, I think the old-school skill of copywriting is more important than ever.

I hope you found this document well, and please have a beautiful day.

If you ever have any questions, or simply want to brainstorm, then please never hesitate to contact me.

I've got your back!

Until then, stay awesome, and please have an amazing day.

​Cordially and humbly yours...

Mike DeVincent