​Have You Ever Been Frustrated Trying To Write?

​How To Find Your Own Unique Voice As A Writer Or Speaker

​Today, I'd like to talk about how you can find your voice as a writer, as a teacher, or as anyone who creates any sort of content.

The truth is that, finding your own voice is one of the most important things you can ever do as an Entrepreneur.

Because, once you find your voice, you'll be in a better position to attract those who are naturally destined to appreciate and gravitate towards your content.

You'll know you've found your voice, when your content effortlessly flows from your fingertips onto your keyboard like a raging river.

You'll know that your voice has been mastered, when you absolutely love your content, and when you're totally pleased with your work.

This is contrary to writing content that isn't in your real voice; if you write content that is forced, or faked, then it'll be the most difficult thing in the world, and you'll attract an audience who doesn't really appreciate the real you.

​That Wouldn't Really Be An Ideal Situation, Right?

​So, the importance of being true to yourself, and finding your own voice, is tremendously high.

Creating content and the writing process is going to be much more enjoyable as well, because every thought you have is going to be much easier to compose if you're honest with your thoughts, and transparent in your expression of opinion.

And, that's the biggest secret to finding your comfort zone, and your own unique voice.

The secret is to be true to yourself.

That's the good news; the good news is that writing in this way is the easiest thing in the world once you figure it out.

The bad news is that, finding your true voice in this way, can take time.

The best advice I can give you, is to write in a way that's natural to you, and always remain true to your own internal compass that exists deep inside of your heart, and mind.

​A Super Simple Writing Exercise To Help Find Your Real Voice And Natural Writing Style

​Open your favorite word processor when there are no distractions, so you can focus.

Write with the intention that nobody is going to grade, judge, or comment on it. Write the content, solely for your own development and introspection.

Spend time writing down your true feelings on any topic that you feel strongly about. The more time you spend writing passionately, the easier it's going to be to find your true strengths as a writer.

Revisit that content later the following day, to see if it resonates, and to see if you love the content, or not.

​How To Know When Your Content Is Going To Be Super Easy To Write And ​When It Shall Flow The Best

​Always be true to yourself, regardless of what type of content you're creating, for any purpose.

That's how you know when your content is going to be the best, whether you're writing a memo to your boss, a blog post to your audience, or an online course for your amazing students.

Sometimes you may find yourself frustrated, because your content just doesn't flow as well as it should, or maybe you're suffering from an epic case of writer's block that just won't quit.

​Another Powerful Writing Exercise To Help Smash Writer's Block Fast

​Here's an awesome writing exercise that can help change your world.

Write down the top 10 ways that you want to help your audience. Or, write down the top 10 frustrations that your prospects have.

Don't stress out if the grammatical structure isn't perfect. Heck, my grammar is the worst in the world (I can cite plenty of Professors who can attest to this, lol).

Much more important than spelling and grammar, is clarity and purpose.

Focus more on the soul, and essence of your written content. Be clear regarding the intent of your words, so that your content makes sense, and is increasingly persuasive.

If you can accomplish that, not only is your content going to be crystal clear, but you'll be writing in a voice that matters to those who appreciate it most.

​What If You're Afraid Of Perfectionism, Or Harsh Critics?

​​Those who do not appreciate your content, well, they were never meant to be yours in any event.

Never spend time, or focus on those who don't like you, or your content.

Forget them.

Instead, focus on those who love your content; your ideal prospects; your students; your readers, and your subscribers.

Focus on creating content for those who actually appreciate your efforts, so you can proceed with the utmost confidence and freedom.

I hope this makes sense, because this lesson is one of the best that I can share with you, after writing for ​countless ​​thousands of hours over the years.

I hope that this finds you well, and please remember that if you ever have any questions, or if you simply want to brainstorm, that you can simply click reply and ask.

I promise to help anyway that I can, and I also promise to reply in my own unique voice.

Until then, have an amazing day!

​Thank You So Much For Checking This Out!​

​You rock! Seriously, ​t​hank you so much for checking this out.

This document is super important to me, because I honestly believe that being able to write content is one of the most important skills for humans on our planet to have.

This is especially true, if you're an entrepreneur, teacher, author, blogger, email marketer, or anyone who is an expert in their field.

That's why I love writing about this topic, and hope that these tips found you well!

​If you ever have any questions, or simply want to brainstorm, then please never hesitate to contact me.

I've got your back!

Until then, stay awesome, and please have an amazing day.

Cordially and humbly yours...

Mike DeVincent


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