​The Beauty Of A Simple Email Marketing Funnel...

​My Favorite Type Of Marketing Funnel?

​One of my favorite marketing funnel formulas that’s deigned to work for any niche, is the simple email marketing funnel.

Building an email marketing funnel is perfect for anyone who wants to share awesome content with their audience.

The overall strategy is simple. Create an awesome lead magnet, generate leads, and then provide awesome content for those leads! (While promoting your own offers, or affiliate offers in a super cool way, of course).

This way, you can capture email marketing leads, and nurture those leads over the long-haul by sharing awesome content.

​Why Email Newsletter Content Makes For The Perfect Back End Funnel

Good email newsletter content is the perfect back end for this type of marketing funnel, because you can use emails to provide awesome content, to teach your end users, to deliver massive value, and to of course help your subscribers in any way that you can.

So maybe you invite your subscribers to ask questions as an extra way to add more value, or maybe you host weekly webinars, give away free courses, or just share your best tips in written form.

The way it works is simple; you start out by offering an awesome lead magnet, and then you followup with valuable content.

​Let's Talk For A Minute About The Perfect Lead Magnet...

​You offer something truly valuable to your ideal prospect as a lead magnet, something that in your opinion is of extraordinary value.

Something so useful and practical, that your ideal prospect would gladly give you their email address and subscribe to your email newsletter in order to get it.

(Personally, I offer an entire library of marketing books as a lead magnet, which works really well for my case).

But once your end user subscribes, then what?

​What Happens After Your End Users Subscribe? Here's What I Do...

​I personally love to have a “thank you page” that I redirect subscribers to immediately after they subscribe.

On that page, I try my best to introduce myself, to let my new subscribers know to check their email to receive their lead magnet, and I also try to promote something right on the thank you page.

The beauty of the simple email marketing funnel, is that it’s so versatile, meaning it’s designed to be used in any niche.

It’s also very easy to put together, there really aren’t that many complicated forms or pages required on your behalf. The hardest part, is creating awesome email content on an ongoing basis.

​The Stoic Simplicity Of The Email Marketing Funnel Is The Best Thing In The World...

​​If you love to keep things simple like I do, then email marketing funnels are ​super easy to brainstorm and they're almost always the same; offer something awesome as a lead magnet as a first step.

​Then redirect your end users to the thank you page immediately after they subscribe. On the thank you page, you can introduce yourself, remind your end users to check their email to get their lead magnet, and you can even promote an affiliate offer or one of your own offers on the thank you page if you want.

Then, you can followup with amazing newsletter content on an ongoing basis.

​How Frequently Should You Email Your Subscribers? Here's The Best Answer.

The truth is that you can often as frequently as you want, the main trick is to set expectations right up front.

So literally, on your lead capture page, clearly state how often your end users can expect email updates.

The best advice I can give you, is to choose an interval that you feel the most comfortable with.

​Ask yourself, how frequently can you create high quality content? That's the most important question.

​Maybe you could have a weekly newsletter, a bi-weekly newsletter, a monthly newsletter, or you could even write emails more frequently if you want.

In my opinion this is the simplest marketing funnel you can have, and it can be a great way to build an audience, while of course sharing some of the best content that you can possibly create.

​Here's Something That Dedicated Newsletter Readers Know... Like The Back Of Their Hand...

​As always, it’s so important to figure out who your ideal subscriber is, what they want, and how they can help them. (I know you’ve heard me mention these ideas a million times lol, however, in my opinion it’s one of the single most important marketing lessons from an economic standpoint).

Once you figure out who your audience is and what they want, it’ll be so much easier to craft an amazing lead magnet, an awesome thank you page, and ongoing email newsletter content that’s totally helpful and practical.

In any event, this is the same exact marketing funnel that I use, and I invite you to ask any questions that you have if you want to brainstorm more about this topic.

Thanks again for being a valuable subscriber, I truly hope that you find this content to be helpful, and at the very least entertaining.

Please have an awesome day!

And I'll see you next time!

​Thank You So Much For Checking This Out!​

​Email marketing, and managing an email newsletter is one of my favorite things to do in the world.

That's why I'm always ranting about how important it is to know your end users (lol). So you can focus on creating content that your ideal prospects are ​statistically likely to enjoy!

Because, to be honest, I'm old enough to realize that the more we learn on this planet, the less we know.

Which is why, studying your end user is the most important thing - so you can at least try your best to create content, that maybe, just maybe, your end users will truly appreciate and benefit from.

And that my friend, is the true power, of creating an email newsletter.

​If you ever have any questions, or simply want to brainstorm, then please never hesitate to contact me.

I've got your back!

Until then, stay awesome, and please have an amazing day.

Cordially and humbly yours...

Mike DeVincent


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