​Not Sure What To Focus On? Here's My Honest Two Cents...

​What's The Single Most Important Skill For The Modern Entrepreneur?

​In my opinion the biggest and most important skill for entrepreneurs, is to identify and spot demands that aren't being met.

If you asked me just a few years ago, the answer would be totally different; because not too long ago the ability to code websites, the ability to write (and understand) effective copywriting, and the skill of constructing marketing funnels (and to understand marketing funnels) were probably some of the most important skills to have.

​Here's Why Things Are So Different These Days...

​These days however, there are tools that you can use which make copywriting, marketing funnels, and all the tech stuff much easier. These tools simply weren't available not too long ago, and in the past, you had to be a total computer science geek just to get a simple website up and running.

This kind of frustrates me a little bit to be honest, because I've been studying IT related stuff for so long, that I feel like much of the studying I've done is now kind of redundant; because now everybody can launch awesome looking websites and marketing pages without much technical prowess.

​Why Graphic Design, Tech Skills And Copywriting Matter Less And Less

​In any event, since these days there are so many awesome copywriting templates, and done for you marketing page builders, the one thing that can drastically set us apart is the ability to understand the demands that exist in any marketplace.

That's why I'm always blogging about how important it is to understand who your ideal prospect is, and how you can help them.

​Here's Something That Matters More Than Ever...

​Knowledge of your marketplace, and the demands that exist within it are in my opinion, some of the most important things...

For example, do you know what frustrates your end users? Do you know what demands they have that are not being met, or do you know something that can improve their lives, relevant to your niche?

The good news is that these days it's never been easier to launch beautiful marketing pages, amazing sales pages, and you can get everything setup without any technical trouble.

​The Good News And Bad News Of Modern Publishing

​To put it bluntly, getting your ideas out there to the world has quite simply, never been easier.

The bad news, is that everyone else has those abilities too; and they don’t have to consult with an expensive team of computer scientists (lol) to launch their websites.

So, the best skill, going forward, I believe, is to understand the marketplace and the demands that exist within it.

​My Favorite Method To Keep Tabs On My Ideal Prospects Without Getting My Hands Dirty

​Always look on Quora to search for keywords in your niche, to see what your ideal prospects are asking relevant to your niche.

Intelligence is everywhere these days, and I honestly believe that those who study the market the most, will be in a much better position to create amazing solutions and content, one way or the other.

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​These days, it's so important that you know who your end users are!

This will put you in a better position to brainstorm awesome ​blog post ideas, lead magnets, online courses, and any content ideas.

Since it's so easy to launch websites and out your ideas out there these days, I propose, that knowing your marketplace is one of the most important things.

​If you ever have any questions, or simply want to brainstorm, then please never hesitate to contact me.

I've got your back!

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Mike DeVincent


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