​Do You Need Powerful Course Content That You Can Be Proud To Share?

​Done For You Email ​Course In T​he Webinar Marketing Niche With PLR ​Rights

​You and your audience are going to love this brand new email marketing course that teaches about webinar marketing.

This email course is freshly written by Mike DeVincent, and is designed to teach your prospects, or existing students about webinar marketing tactics and strategy.

Because you can use this brand new course as a lead magnet, you can give it away to your existing students, or even sell access to the course and keep 100% of the profits.

That's because you get PLR (Private Label Rights) to this email course. So not only is this content awesome and entertaining, but you can give it away to your subscribers, use it as a lead magnet, sell it, or use it almost any way that you want.

​Here Are A Few Powerful Ways You Can Use This ​Done For You Email Course:

  • ​You can USE this email course to build your list… The email campaign itself serves as the ultimate lead magnet! Could your prospects or marketplace benefit from learning about webinar marketing? Then this is perfect!
  • ​You can SELL access to this email course to your existing audience (and then simply add new buyers to the email autoresponder sequence, so they get the product automatically and without any stress on your part!)
  • ​You can GIVE this entire campaign away to your existing students, subscribers, listeners, colleagues, or fans… (So your goodwill and prestige is going to skyrocket dramatically)
  • ​You can STUDY this email course yourself so you can develop an unshakable understanding of webinar marketing…
  • ​You can GIFT this email course away as a bonus to your affiliate offers, to your own courses, or as an opt-in incentive.
  • ​You can even TRANSFORM this content into YouTube videos, or iTunes Podcast Content! This email course is the ultimate treasure trove for content marketers!
  • You can PROMOTE affiliate offers by adding a small call to action at the end of every email! So if you have any cool offers that you want to promote, this email course can be an excellent vehicle for doing so.
  • ​You can TEACH your audience by sharing this awesome content with them! It’s up to you whether you want to give it away as a lead magnet, build your own email autoresponder sequence, or even provide it to your teaching or coaching clients!
  • Either way, you’ll be ​SUPER PROUD to share this rare and exclusive content with your audience, customers, leads, friends, colleagues and students.

​Yes! Give Me The Email Course With PLR Rights For Just $10!

​For a limited time you can snag the entire email course with PLR rights, plus a massive collection of ​bonuses for a measly ten bucks!

Here's Why Webinar Marketing Is Red Hot Right Now, ​And Why This Email Course Is So Timely, Relevant, ​And Cool:

Every single business on the planet needs three things. They need leads, they need content, and they need sales.

The awesome thing about webinar marketing – is that it can accomplish all three of those things.

That’s why you’ll be so happy and proud to share this email course with your audience.

​You can give this campaign away to your email subscribers, use it as a lead magnet, load it up into your own email autoresponder campaign, or if you want to charge your audience for access to the course​.

Here Are A Few More Ideas On How You Can Use This Email Course:

You Can Use This Done For You Email Course To Build Your Email List And To Generate Leads!

Are you frustrated because you want to build your email list, but you just have no idea what you can give away as a lead magnet?

Maybe you’ve tried to create your own lead magnets, but you just can’t get it right?

If that’s the case, you’re going to love this email course! It’s expertly written by a Native English Speaker (and experienced marketing nerd) with a boatload of email marketing experience.

So you can finally deploy an awesome lead magnet that you can be proud of – without bending over backwards and struggling.

You Can Use This Done For You Email Course To ​Entertain And ​Please Your Existing List!

This content can make for a really awesome ​gift or bonus, and there are so many creative ways that you can ​gift or otherwise ​share this.

Maybe you already have an email list, but it's been a while since you've given them anything cool?

Worse yet, maybe you have email subscribers, but you just don’t have the time required to write awesome email content that builds massive rapport, helps your audience, and also teaches?

If that’s the case, then this is going to be the coolest ​gift of the year; because this email course can make awesome content for almost any “business” “internet marketing” or “biz op” style ​audience.

You Can Use This Done For You Email Course To Build Massive Goodwill And Authority​!

If you’re not creating and gifting content away to your prospects, then the sad fact is that they will eventually FORGET about you and move on.

So if you want to build a tribe, who appreciates you, then you need awesome content to share, right?

That’s the true beauty of this “done for you” email course. It makes the perfect content that you can share with your prospects, and they’ll thank you each and every time they get an update from you.

You Can Use This Done For You Email Course To Learn More About Webinar Marketing!

My personal philosophy is that you're only old when you stop learning!

That's why this email course might be a really entertaining and worthwhile read for yourself!

Webinars are one of the most powerful things for your business.

I tried my utmost best to include a ton of powerful tips in this course.

This email course will take you (and your audience) by the hand and teach you confidently about the art and science of webinar marketing!

You Can Use This Done For You Email Course To Promote Affiliate Offers!

Straight up affiliate pitches work, but they come at a great cost because many of your subscribers won’t like it!

That’s why email courses can be an awesome marketing tool in your toolbox – so you can share awesome content, and then simply add a unique “PS” at the end of the email and pitch anything you want!

So if you have your own offers, courses, e-books, coaching offers, or affiliate offers, then you can easily turn each and every email into a promotion that won’t annoy your email list!

You Can Use This Done For You Email Course To Explode Your Content Marketing!

​These days, if you’re a small business or entrepreneur, you absolutely NEED high quality content, and you need to publish regularly.

That’s the hidden value of this done for you email course.

Because you could easily transform this content into YouTube videos and iTunes Podcast content. That way, you can get much more “content marketing bang” for your buck!

The cool part, is that you could add a simple call to action at the end of your content – allowing you to promote your products, services, email list, or lead magnet! (If you simply put in a little effort, you’ll get a ton of bang for the value)…

​Preview ​The Subject Lines Within This Done For You ​Email Course:

  • ​​Email # 01 Subject -
  • ​​Email # ​0​2 Subject -
  • ​​Email # 0​3 Subject -
  • ​​Email # 0​4 Subject -
  • ​​​Email # 0​5 Subject -
  • ​​​Email # 0​6 Subject -
  • ​​​Email # 0​7 Subject -

Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Take Action Today On This Special Offer:

What you get: You’re going to get ​the done for you email marketing course in PDF and WORD format.

So you can use this email course as is, or you can edit it any way that you wish.

This content was professionally written by yours truly, Mike DeVincent.

This content makes the perfect bonus (or gift) to your ​colleagues, as email autoresponder content, or as a lead magnet.

You will absolutely be proud to ​share, deploy, tweak, or give this content away to your audience and colleagues.

​Yes! Give Me The Email Course With PLR Rights For Just $10!

​For a limited time you can snag the entire email course with PLR rights, plus a massive collection of bonues for just a dollar!

Here's Why I'm Qualified To Write Awesome Email Courses That Your Audience Will Love:

I’m a Native English Speaker from Boston MA, so you can always rely on my ability to entertain and persuade.

I'm also a level-2 ghostwriter on Fiverr with a 4.9 rating and I've created content for a massive variety of niches.

More importantly I'm a prolific author and teacher who has published dozens of books, and enrolled over 10,000 (ten thousand!) students across several teaching platforms.

As of today, my average rating is roughly 4.3 out of 5 after enrolling many thousands of students from all over the world, which is pretty ​good.

At the end of the day, I love to teach, and write emails, and my emails are designed to be cool, and hype free.

That's why you can be confident that this email course isn't like other generic PLR, and you can be confident that it rocks.

If you've ever been frustrated because other PLR out there is generic, or poorly written, then you might totally love this.

In other words, I have a ton of experience as a writer, and you’re getting access to one hell of a deal for peanuts.

Here's How You Can Sample More Of My Writing So You Can See If You Like My Style:

​If you want to preview my writing ​to see if you ​like ​my writing style, then ​check out my main blog located at: https://www.​Mr​Computer​Science.com.

I publish new content all the time on the following topics: blogging, email marketing, sales funnels, copywriting, writing, self-publishing, affiliate marketing, and other nerdy marketing topics!

If you enjoy my blog con​tet, then you'll probably crack a massive smile as you access this "done for you" email course that comes with PLR rights!

​You Also Get A Ton Of ​Cool Bonuses When You Take Action:

Bonus # 1 – 5 Different Lead Capture Page Design And Copy Ideas (.PNG Format)

What you get: You get 5 different lead capture page design ideas in .PNG format. So you can easily swipe these ideas and duplicate them in any page builder that you want.

If you want to use this "done for you" email course as a lead magnet, then you're going to love this bonus.

​Because ​one of the most annoying things in the planet is trying to brainstorm an awesome call to action and lead capture page.

That’s why I spent an hour brainstorming 5 different unique lead capture page designs that you can feel free to swipe and deploy for your own campaigns.

Bonus # 2 – Sales Copy That Sells Access To The ​​​Email Course! (.DOC Format)

What you get: You get the sales copy in .DOC format. So you can easily swipe, edit, or immediately paste this copy directly into your favorite page builder.

If you want to sell access to this done for you email course, then you’re going to need some ​sales copy ideas that helps to sell the benefits, tickle the buying trigger of your prospect, and also explains to them exactly what they’re getting.

That’s why you might really love this bonus, because you get a really cool (and non hypey) sales copy that you can easily turn into your own unique sales letter.

Bonus # 3 – The Brand New Solo Ad Rolodex
For ​July 2018! (PDF Format)

What you get: You get this awesome and brand new Solo Ad Rolodex with fresh data. (The Rolodex is in PDF Format).

​You probably realize that Solo Ads can be one of the best ways to build your email list, or promote your offers without any hustle or hassle.

That’s why you might crack a massive smile as soon as you flip through this awesome bonus.

This brand new Solo Ad Rolodex includes ​*real* Solo Ad Buyer Statistics, including the top 5 Solo Ad Vendors of ​July 2018 in accordance to number of Solo Ads Sold, the number of positive reviews, and most importantly, the number of Solo Ad Buyers reporting that they got SALES from the Solo Ad Buys.

In other words, this Solo Ad Rolodex only includes the cream of the crop, Solo Ad Vendors who sell a ton of Solo Ads and their customers also report getting sales.

If you’ve ever been frustrated when trying to find reliable Solo Ad Vendors, then this ONE BONUS ALONE is well worth the price of admission, especially if you love Solo Ads.

Bonus # 4 – Bonus Video Showing How To Find Awesome Affiliate Offers To Promote!

What you'll get: You get a really cool video tutorial revealing how you can find really cool affiliate offers.

​If you’re an affiliate marketer, or want to use this email course to promote affiliate offers, then you might love this HD tutorial.

You’ll discover how you can find awesome affiliate offers that will match perfectly with this 30 day course.

So you can easily add a tiny call to action inside every email, and promote both high ticket and recurring programs that you’ll be proud to promote.

Bonus # 5 – Bonus Video Showing How To Find Awesome Solo Ad Vendors

What you get: You get a really cool video tutorial where I show you how to find awesome Solo Ad Vendors from my favorite Solo Ad Marketplace. I've purchased over 100 Solo Ads on this particular marketplace, and I'll show my exact process I use for finding good Vendors.

So.... In addition to the Solo Ad Rolodex that you're getting, I’ll also personally show you how to find awesome Solo Ad Vendors that rock. So you'll never​ get jipped, hustled, bamboozled, or ripped off.

Bonus # 6 – Bonus Video Showing How To Brainstorm An Awesome Email List Building Funnel

What you get: ​You get an awesome video tutorial that shows you how to build an awesome email marketing funnel. This is one of my most well reviewed topics that I teach, so if you love to brainstorm email marketing stuff then you might love this video.

​I’ve generated many thousands of leads with email marketing over the last few years, and my awesome students have generated ​even more.

If you want to brainstorm a ton of awesome email list building funnel ideas, then you’re going to benefit tremendously from this tutorial, and you’ll probably have a ton of fun right alongside yours truly.

​What's The True Value Of This Done For You Email Course? What's It Really Worth?

​The truth is that you’re getting access to this content for a ridiculous pittance of its true value.

The only reason, and I mean the ONLY reason I’m selling this content for so cheap, is because I myself am an email marketer and I hope to build an awesome relationship with you when you purchase my products. I practice what I preach, and love email marketing.

In other words, if you buy this, I'm going to invite you to join my email newsletter where I send awesome marketing tips each week.

​So in reality, you're getting a ridiculously good deal on this content, and this experience.

Because if you paid an instructor or email ​marketer with as much experience as I have to write a ​done for you email ​course, it would easily cost you anywhere from $997 to $​2,997, or even much higher.

What about the lead capture page creative ideas, the sales copy, the Solo Ad Rolodex, and all of the HD video tutorials that you get as a bonus?

​You're getting a boatload of value, plus tons of my experience for dirt cheap, literally.

What about the time value of this? How long would it take you to write this campaign for yourself? Would it take you a week, a month, a year, or maybe even longer?

Also ask yourself how much ​frustration you could avoid by taking action today?

​How Would It Feel To Finally Have A Done For You​ Email Course ​That You Could Be Proud Of?

​There are so many awesome ways you can use this content.

​You get a very generous and liberal PLR license​e; so you can use this content almost any way that you want.

No matter which way you choose to deploy this content, please be confident in your ability to provide massive value as a result; I try my best to only publish quality content, so you can feel good sharing this.

Also remember that I spend at least one hour per day helping and brainstorming with my readers, subscribers, and students, so if you ever have any questions please never hesitate to hit me up; I’ve got your back.

Thank you so much for checking this out, truly.

​I look forward to and ​shall see you on the inside!

Cordially and humbly…

Mike DeVincent




​Yes! Give Me The Email Course With PLR Rights For Just $10!

​For a limited time you can snag the entire email course with PLR rights, plus a massive collection of bonues for just a dollar!