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ClickFunnels is one of the best tools to help small business owners to generate leads, promote their products, sell their products, and deliver their products online. One of the main reasons why I love ClickFunnels and recommend them to colleagues, is because ClickFunnels is innovative yet very easy to use.

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​Why I'm Giving You This Powerful Bonus Pack...

​I’m an affiliate of ClickFunnels, I therefore may earn a commission if you click on their website using links within my website content. So, since I may earn a commission if you try ClickFunnels using my link, I want to show my appreciation by ​giving you a really awesome bonus if you indeed decide to try ClickFunnels via my link.

When you start your free two-week ClickFunnels trial using my link, you’re ​ going to get three powerful, and rare bonuses ​that have been really popular and well received by my students, customers, readers, and colleagues alike.

The bonuses are yours to keep whether you stay subscribed to ClickFunnels or not.

However, I do encourage you to give ClickFunnels a try because it's a tremendously powerful marketing tool with an abundance of powerful marketing templates, sales automation features, lead generation funnels, and fully functional sales funnels that rock.

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Bonus # 01 - ​The Massive Advertising Network Rolodex

Bonus number one is an Advertising Rolodex that I call ​The Massive ​Advertising Network ​Rolodex.

This​ Rolodex​is ​​a neatly organized list of my favorite advertising networks​. This is a very special bonus that I've ​been working on quite extensively for years and still updating regularly.

If you want to advertise your business, if you want to generate leads, or if you want to drive website traffic, then this is, in my opinion, one of the best advertising network rolodexes anywhere. The main reason I mention that, is because I've been keeping this list updated for a long time, and realize how much effort it takes to keep a rolodex like this up to date.

One thing that I've learned after keeping The Massive Advertising Network Rolodex up to date for so long, is that advertising networks are constantly going out of business. That's why I'm so proud of this living breathing entity; because​ I've devoted much time keeping it updated, and think that the real value in this is that I constantly strive to keep this updated.

In any event, ​The Massive Advertising Network Rolodex is really cool if you want to advertise your business, generate leads, or generate website traffic.

​If you want to drive traffic to your website, or if you want to promote your lead capture page, or promote your business, but you’re not sure of which advertising networks ​exist, then you’ll absolutely love this bonus.

I try my best to maintain a "quality over quantity" approach to this Advertising Rolodex, and I pride myself in only ​including advertising networks that have a history of success, or are otherwise big brands that you may recognize (and some that you probably won't).

​If it would feel good to never stress out about where you can advertise your small business, websites,​ lead capture pages, products, services, webinar pages and marketing funnels, then this is an awesome bonus to behold!

This is one of my most popular and highest rated content pieces that I've ever published after ​sharing it with many awesome students from all over the world​ and I'm proud to give it to you as a bonus.

​A bunch of ​readers have thought that this document is really cool, and I personally think that it's a great and helpful little document. Especially for nerdy entrepreneurs who love this kind of stuff! :)

Bonus # 02 - The ​Massive Affiliate Program Rolodex

Bonus number two is an Affiliate Marketing Rolodex that I call ​The Massive Affiliate Program Rolodex. 

This Rolodex​is ​​a neatly organized list of my favorite ​affiliate programs and affiliate networks. This is a very special and rare bonus that I've ​been working on quite extensively for years and still updating regularly.

If you want to learn more about the coolest affiliate programs and affiliate networks that I've ever found, after scrounging the planet and researching nonstop, then you'll love this bonus.

Or, if you are a prospective affiliate marketer, who just wants to brainstorm a bunch of different affiliate marketing programs, then you'll absolutely love this bonus.

I've researched a ton in order to find this huge list of awesome affiliate networks. There's something for everyone here, and ​This Massive Affiliate Program Rolodex​ truly covers a massive variety of ​affiliate programs and affiliate networks.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, or if you simply want to learn about ​many of my favorite affiliate programs and networks, then you might really enjoy this bonus.

So if you want to browse between a metaphorical treasure trove of awesome offers that you can promote as an affiliate, then this document is really cool.

If you've ever been frustrated because you're sick and tired of promoting the same ​offers​, and if you would like to access a ton of awesome affiliate networks who want you to promote their products, then this document is sure to be a super-fun-read and an entertaining reference.

This handy ​Affiliate Rolodex contains some of the most awesome affiliate programs (and networks) that I've ever found after searching every corner of this wild planet that we inhabit (lol), and I honestly think that you'll love it.

Bonus # 03 - The 2019 Solo Ad Rolodex

Bonus number ​three is ​an awesome Solo Ad Rolodex that I call ​The 2019 Solo Ad Rolodex.

​​This Rolodex ​​is ​​a neatly organized list of solo ad vendors. This is a very special bonus that I've ​been working on quite extensively and still updating regularly.

​If you're not familiar with Solo Ads, they are a form of email advertising where you can buy advertising from an Email Newsletter Publisher or Email List Owner. In other words, Solo Ads are email newsletter style advertising.

It's important to note that Solo Ads usually cater to very mainstream niches such as "Internet marketing", "business opportunity", "fat loss", "weight loss", "self-help", and other very mainstream niches.

​This Solo Ad Rolodex is very special for a few different reasons. First of all, I try to manually update this Rolodex at least once per year with fresh and up to date data. All of the data is manually scraped​ and verified from the top Solo Ad Marketplace that I can find.

This Rolodex can be a true time-saver if you love to brainstorm the world of ​Solo ​Ads, or if you're considering advertising your lead capture pages​, email newsletters, or email lists with ​Solo ​Ads sometime in the future.

​​The data that this Rolodex contains isn't simply the contact information for each Solo Ad Vendor. I also try my best to scrape up to date sales information, review data, and even the ​latest cost per click information.

This Solo Ad Rolodex also contains information such as the number (percent) of Solo Ad Customers who received sales as a direct result ​of their advertisement. This is a hugely valuable piece of data in my opinion, because this data reveals which Solo Ad Vendors actually provide results for their customers!

​Personally, I honestly believe that the number of customers who reported sales can be one of the strongest indicator for finding good Solo Ad Vendors, and so I am very pleased to share this Solo Ad Rolodex with you.

​So if you love the world of Solo Ads, or if you have ever thought about generating leads with Solo Ads, then this Rolodex might be a ton of fun to check out.

​Here's Exactly What You Get...

​When you subscribe to ClickFunnels using my link below, you're going to get a free 2-week trial to ClickFunnels.

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I'm super excited and passionate about all three of these bonuses.

I've worked on these Rolodexes to make sure that they rock, and I'm always trying my best to update them so that they become even better.

I originally created these documents for myself because I'm always keeping my eyes on the coolest affiliate networks, solo ad vendors, and advertising networks that I can find.

The best part is that you can claim these bonuses just for trying ClickFunnels via my link. 

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I thank you once again for checking out this content and for visiting my business partners, because without you, this content is not possible.


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​Or maybe you're an online teacher, author, coach, consultant, or e-commerce vendor, and you want to sell your products online, but there are just too many hurdles to overcome?

If that's the case, then I honestly think that ClickFunnels will be a great match.

The two bonuses I'm offering are designed to complement ClickFunnels, and I'm confident that if you give ClickFunnels a try, you won't regret it.

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