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​Affiliate Marketing Course Day 0​7 - ​5 Elite Email Drip Campaign Tips For Affiliate Marketers

With our dismal economic outlook, I’m constantly seeking methods to help small business owners. If you’re an affiliate marketer, then you might be feeling the economic pinch like everyone else. That’s why you should learn more about email drip campaigns!

Email drip campaigns are perfect for affiliate marketers who want to generate leads, establish authority, and build plenty of good karma in their niche. Drip campaigns also rock for promoting your affiliate links! Let’s look at 5 ingenious email drip campaign strategies for affiliate marketers.

5 Elite Email Drip Campaign Tips For Affiliate Marketers

  • # 1 – Don’t Forget To Brand Yourself In Every Email Within Your Email Drip Campaign!
  • # 2 – Don’t Overlook Your Ideal Subscriber When You Write Your Email Drip Campaign!
  • # 3 – The Best Email Copywriting Tip For Email Marketing Drip Campaigns And Affiliate Marketing!
  • # 4 – How To Figure Out The Best Affiliate Products To Match Your Audience For Your Drip Campaign!
  • # 5 – Here’s The Biggest Tip To Make Your Email Drip Campaign Evergreen!

Here’s Why I Love These Genius Email Drip Campaign Tips For Affiliate Marketers

You might not know this, but I’m an email marketing and lead generation fanatic. Email marketing is one of my favorite methods to promote the blog that you’re reading right now! I’m constantly studying the art and science of email marketing to help build my blog and business. Email automation is an arguably-unsurpassed variable to consider for all affiliate marketing and email marketing campaigns.

The way an email marketing drip campaign works is simple. You write the evergreen email drip content once and then let that content work on your behest into perpetuity. There are a few major tips and insights I’ve learned over the years after managing the humble and nerdy MrComputerScience.com email newsletter. I’m happy to share my best drip campaign and email automation insights with you!

# 1 – Don’t Forget To Brand Yourself In Every Email Within Your Email Drip Campaign

Most novice and amateur affiliate marketers only look for making the fastest amount of cash possible. As someone who has been the witness of myriad affiliates falling short of their dreams, I beg of yee to look further than short term profits.

Instead, look to your email marketing drip campaign as a fantastic mechanism upon which to brand yourself. In other words – stuff your email marketing drip campaign with boatloads of content that builds your brand.

Here Are Some Powerful Email Marketing Drip Content Ideas To Help Build Your Brand:

  • Introduce yourself to your new subscribers.
  • Tell stories about your brand.
  • Tell stories about why you’re passionate about helping your subscriber.
  • Invite your subscribers to ask you anything they want.
  • Share some of your best content for free – content that your non-subscribers can’t get.
  • Share free books, courses, tutorials, case studies, webinars, et cetera
  • Get personal by sharing stories of your best victories, triumphs, and failures.

Don’t Forget The Potential For Email Marketing Drip Campaigns To Build Massive Good Karma

I genuinely believe that karma is a massive variable that can help affiliate marketers. My affiliate marketing and email marketing theories are simple. The more people you help, the better off you’re going to be as an affiliate marketer. Therefore, try your utmost to make your email drip campaign filled with compelling content!

If your email drip campaign provides tons of value? Then hopefully, your email subscribers will cherish your content and they’ll be more likely to stay subscribed over the long haul – which is a critical key for affiliate marketers who think long-term.

If you fancy the idea of generating good karma while building your email list, then you should read this legendary guide I wrote about how to create an email course from scratch. You’ll discover how to publish a beautiful email course that helps and serves your subscribers tremendously.

# 2 – Don’t Overlook Your Ideal Subscriber When You Write Your Email Drip Campaign!

Always think deeply about who your email marketing drip campaign aims to serve. In other words, who is your ideal subscriber? What do they want? What makes them tick? How can you help?

Don’t just summarize the idea of your ideal subscriber with a brief one-word sentence. Instead, dig deep into the psychographics of your ideal subscriber. That way, each component of your email marketing drip campaign can speak directly to your audience’s desires, frustrations, goals, and aspirations as they correlate to your niche.

By the way, a ton of my friends and colleagues ask me how to build an email list in the first place. One of my favorite email lead generation strategies is blogging. If you want to learn more, then check out my guide about email list building tips for bloggers using WordPress. If you want to learn more about email list building, then I wrote this post for you!

# 3 – The Best Email Copywriting Tip For Email Marketing Drip Campaigns And Affiliate Marketing!

I want to let you know that I’ve sent countless marketing emails and have taught courses on the topic of email copywriting. Furthermore, I’ve published email marketing swipe files downloaded from marketers all over the world.

The reason I mention that is because I have an abundance of email copywriting experience. The best tip I can offer is to be yourself. You might be thinking, “No duh, Mike! Of course! I’ll act like myself when I write my email copy!” – The advice seems blatantly obvious, right? However, some critical nuances are easy to overlook. Let me explain.

Why Being True To Yourself Is Vital For Your Email Copywriting And Email Marketing Drip Campaigns:

  • Stay true to yourself so you can attract the audience who is most likely to appreciate the REAL you!
  • Stay true to yourself so writing emails is a joyous pleasure, instead of a dreadful nightmare!
  • Stay true to yourself so you never sell out, seem like a soul-sucking marketer, or promote affiliate products that quite frankly are not in your subscriber’s best interest!
  • Stay true to yourself so you’ll remain proud of every email that you ever publish to your audience!

One Final Email Copywriting Tip For Your Email Marketing Drip Campaign!

One final email copywriting tip is to keep things simple. I’m always ranting and raving about how most people are dreadfully busy these days. I think that it’s a good idea to at the very least respect your subscriber’s time. Try your best to remove redundancies or rambling. Instead, get right to the point! (While being as cool and welcoming as possible – of course.)

# 4 – How To Figure Out The Best Affiliate Products To Match Your Audience For Your Drip Campaign!

Every time I write an email marketing message to the MrComputerScience.com email newsletter, I try to ask myself how I’m going to help solve a problem that my subscribers experience. That’s the number one tip I can offer when you set out to write your email marketing drip campaign. Figure out what your audience wants.

Once you’re cognizant of the problems that your email subscribers experience, it becomes rudimentary to determine the exact programs, products, services, and offers that would interest them. You have boundless options as an affiliate – but the key is your subscriber’s demands.

How To Find The Perfect Affiliate Marketing Offer For Your Email Drip Campaign? Here Are Some Intense Tips To Kickstart Your Imagination!

  • Find out what problems your email subscribers experience in your niche. When you brainstorm these ideas, your affiliate product ideas will flow like a raging river.
  • If you’re not sure what problems your email subscribers experience, then ask them! A simple email polling your subscribers can go a far way.
  • If you don’t have an audience yet, then use tools like Answer The Public, SEMRush, or UberSuggest to brainstorm interesting content ideas in your niche.
  • Another great resource to brainstorm pain points across different niches is Quora. Quora is the world’s premier Q&A website! Quora boasts a wealth of information for email marketers, affiliate marketers, and small business owners alike. Enter any keyword and figure out what real people are asking! Beautiful.

Here’s Why I Don’t Promote Just Any Affiliate Product And Why I Only Promote Products That Will Help My Subscribers!

Please never succumb to the dark side of affiliate marketing. The side where you don’t care about the wellbeing of your email subscribers. Instead, only promote products that you stand behind, trust, and adore. Products that you love. Products that you know undeniably can help your subscribers.

If you can follow that simple strategy, then your email subscribers will be lucky to have found you. Try your utmost to serve, and stack that positive karma to the sky and back.

# 5 – Here’s The Biggest Tip To Make Your Email Drip Campaign Evergreen!

If you’re going to write a beautiful email marketing drip campaign for your affiliate marketing efforts, then you may as well strive to make the campaign evergreen. If you’re not sure what that means, then consider the following. A good email marketing drip campaign should make sense now. BUT, it should also make sense 6 months from now! Therefore, be extremely careful not to mention holidays, dates, seasons, current events, or anything that can giveaway the evergreen nature of your email drip campaigns.

Let me give you a better example. If you write an email marketing drip campaign, and within that campaign, you talk about how you’re dressing up as a High Elf for Halloween, then your email drip campaign will get outdated VERY quick. What happens if your email subscriber gets your email about Halloween in the middle of summer? Your email isn’t going to make sense!

Quick Tips For Writing An Evergreen Email Marketing Drip Campaign

  • Never reference holidays! Writing about holiday plans in your drip campaign is one of the deadest giveaways that your email is automated and isn’t live.
  • Avoid talking about current events! Those current events won’t seem relevant days, weeks, months, and especially years from now.
  • Never talk about seasons! If you’re writing about how you’re going ice skating in New York City then your subscribers are going to be curious if they receive your emails in July or August.
  • Try to avoid using terms like “good morning”, “good evening”, “goodnight” et cetera. A lot of your subscribers from around the world might open and get their emails at different times. Unless you specifically program your email drip campaign to send at certain times based upon the geographic region of your subscriber – try to avoid mentioning specific times.

The Confession Of An Epically Lazy Blogger! The Real Reason Why I’m A Huge Fan Of Keeping Your Email Marketing Drip Campaign Evergreen!

I want to confess and let you know that I’m dismally lazy. If I spend the time writing an amazing email marketing drip campaign stuffed with tutorials, I at least want to get the most action from that campaign as humanly possible. 

The easiest way I know of how to squeeze longevity from my email marketing drip campaigns is to make sure that the campaign works for as long as possible! Therefore, I’m a massive proponent of writing 100% evergreen email marketing drip campaigns – so I get the most bang for my “energetic and creative buck” so to speak.

Email Drip Campaign For Affiliate Marketers FAQs And Affiliate Marketing FAQs

I’ve been writing email autoresponders and email marketing drip campaigns for a long time. I’m happy to brainstorm some of the top email marketing drip campaign FAQs that you may encounter during your travels.

# 1 – Does Email Marketing Still Work For Affiliate Marketing?

Yes! I honestly believe that email marketing is undeniably one of the most immeasurable ways for any small business to build a brand and establish an online presence. Affiliate marketers are no exception.

One of the main reasons that I love email marketing is because your email subscription base is an asset that you own. You can continually build your email list and create fantastic content for your audience, hopefully over the long-haul.

Email marketing is also ridiculously affordable. Even if you’re on a bottom-barrel budget, you still have ample options to launch an amazing email newsletter without breaking your bank.

If you’re not sure how to start email marketing by building a lead generation funnel, then I recommend you consider ClickFunnels to help you. ClickFunnels makes it elementary to launch beautiful marketing pages and followup sequences without stress.

# 2 – Are Drip Email Campaigns Better Than Live Email Broadcasts? What About Email Autoresponder Campaigns?

First, in my opinion, an email marketing drip campaign is the same thing as an email autoresponder campaign. Second, I think that email drip campaigns are not necessarily superior to live email marketing broadcasts. Instead, both live broadcasts and automated drip campaigns have advantages.

The biggest advantage of an email marketing drip campaign is that you can write the content once and then leverage that content over and over again.

The biggest advantage of live email marketing broadcasts is that the broadcasts are in real-time. So, you can, in theory, customize that message with events that happen in real-time. In other words, you can mention topical or breaking news in your niche, current events, your most recent projects, et cetera.

# 3 – What’s The Best Email Copywriting Tip For Affiliate Marketing?

Write your email marketing drip campaign like you were writing to your best friend. Don’t stress out! Instead, focus on having fun.

Stay true to yourself. Never pretend to be anything else other than what’s inside of your mind and essence as a writer. If you’re not true to yourself, then every email you write will be a challenge to draft, compose, and deploy. Instead, don’t stress! Try your best to provide excellent value to your subscribers, and remember that your content can hopefully go on to help many fantastic readers.

# 4 – What’s The Best Email List Building Strategy For Affiliate Marketers?

My favorite email list building and lead generation strategies are to create a fantastic lead magnet. Then, I build email marketing funnels or lead generation funnels that promote those magnets.

Once I have a fabulous lead generation funnel up and running, I’m then unfettered to advertise that lead generation funnel anywhere and everywhere.

I can promote my lead generation funnel on my blog, in my social media profiles, in my courses, in my digital books, and anywhere else where I publish content. Therefore, I’m an immense supporter of content marketing as a means of email list building and lead generation. Content marketing rules!

If you wish to brainstorm more on the topic of email list building, then I wrote an epic blog post about 3 vital lead generation tips during a down economy. If you want to generate leads and if your marketing budget isn’t the biggest, then I wrote this blog post for you!

# 5 – What’s The Best Affiliate Program For Newbies?

You have nearly infinite options as an affiliate marketer. Just about every software as a service has an affiliate program that you can promote. I’m a tremendous aficionado of promoting software as a service because many SAAS affiliate programs offer recurring lifetime commissions. Recurring commissions rule.

ClickBank is also massively popular for affiliate marketers who are relatively new to the game. ClickBank is also popular among seasoned marketers, bloggers, email marketers, et cetera alike.

One final tip is to remember your audience. Figure out what your audience wants, and then seek out an affiliate program that can help match that need. There are countless affiliate programs out there to help match your audience. Ask your audience how you can help, and then do a little leg work finding an amazing affiliate program that can accommodate their requirements!


I can’t thank you enough for reading this blog post. As a longtime email marketer and advocate for email drip campaigns, it was my pleasure to brainstorm with you today.

Email marketing drip campaigns and affiliate marketing are some of my favorite hobbies to brainstorm and consider. I hope that this content found you well! 

Thank you again for reading. I owe you the world.

As always, I invite you to contact me if you have questions or if you wish to brainstorm about affiliate marketing, email automation, email marketing drip campaigns – or anything related to these compelling topics.

Until then, please have a gorgeous day!

Cordially and humbly…

Mike "AFfiliate Drip Campaign" DeVincent


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