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​Affiliate Marketing Course Day 0​5 - ​3 Evergreen Lead Magnet Ideas For Affiliate Marketers

Are you an affiliate marketer who wants to build an email list? Maybe you’re an affiliate who wants to generate leads, but you have no clue how to start?

If that’s the case, then I understand your frustration.

You realize that your email list is a powerful asset for affiliate marketing. However, building your email list takes much more effort than the gurus and influencers say!

That’s why I’d love to brainstorm 3 clever lead magnet ideas for affiliate marketers. So you can provide fantastic content to your prospects while also building your email list.

Here’s 3 Of My Favorite Lead Magnet Ideas For Affiliate Marketers:

  • # 1 – Free Email Course
  • # 2 – Free Master Class
  • # 3 – Free Book

All of these lead magnet ideas share unique qualities, though they all have one powerful similarity! Let’s take a much closer look into the intricacies and details of these fantastic lead magnet ideas.

# 1 – Free Email Course

Email courses are one of my favorite lead magnet ideas for affiliate marketers or any marketer. There are a few major reasons why free email courses rock. 

First of all, email courses don’t cost much to develop. If you have an email marketing service provider and a decent landing page builder, then you have everything you need.

Start by spending some time researching the top questions that your ideal prospect has. Then, create a series of emails that answer those questions. Make sure that your email course rocks and contains some of your best content! Never skimp on your email course.

The more helpful your email course is, the more likely your email subscribers will appreciate what you have to say.

Throughout your email campaign, you can sprinkle your favorite affiliate marketing links where it makes sense. So if your email course is about email marketing, you could promote affiliate links for your favorite affiliate marketing software. Or, you could promote email marketing coaching, email marketing training, et cetera.

That’s another reason why I love email courses. They’re very flexible and allow you to express yourself artfully, while also generating leads, telling your story, building your brand, and building your email list. Plus, you can share your favorite affiliate links in the course content which helps you to get more clicks to your affiliate links.

# 2 – Free Master Class

One of the best lead magnets I’ve ever used is a free course. I allowed new subscribers to snag my next or one of my existing courses for free. The world of eLearning is massive these days, which is just one reason why I love courses and digital classes as lead magnets.

Courses also rock for affiliate marketers. What better way to pre-sell an affiliate product than by teaching a fantastic course on a similar topic? For example, let’s pretend that you want to promote email marketing software as an affiliate.

I also think that teachers make for the best affiliates. Teachers can build authority, reputation, good karma, and respect by teaching.

Maybe you could teach a short course on lead generation. Or email copywriting. Or you could teach a course that teaches how to build an email list.

Then, at the end of your course, you can promote the affiliate link of your favorite email marketing software. Or, you could promote your affiliate link below each video lecture in your course.

You have tons of flexibility and it’s straightforward to build simple video pages using any decent page builder like ClickFunnels, Thrive Architect, or even WordPress if you wish.

# 3 – Free Book

Free books are another great lead magnet for affiliate marketers. Free books can also help to build your brand, build authority, help people, while also at the same time generating a lead. Free books are easily one of the most popular lead magnets and I’m an outspoken fan.

One of the reasons free books rock for affiliate marketers is because you can promote your affiliate links in your book! You can artfully promote your affiliate links in the footer of your books, at the beginning of your books, and also at the end of your books should you wish.

A decent book funnel also presents ample opportunity for you to promote your affiliate links. You can promote your affiliate links in the book, in your book funnel’s confirmation page, and the download page.

Books also offer a tremendously smart strategy for affiliate marketers much in the way of video courses or email courses. You can teach your ideal subscriber about topics related to your favorite affiliate offers, and let them know about any special bonuses that you offer to readers who buy via your link.

You can also conclude your book with a simple call to action that says something like this:

“If you appreciate this free book, then please consider clicking here to claim my favorite email marketing autoresponder. I may earn a commission if you click this link, plus you get awesome email marketing training as a bonus – so we both win!”

Affiliate Marketing Lead Generation FAQ

I’ve put a ton of thought into email marketing and lead generation over the years. I also love affiliate marketing, and I’m happy to brainstorm some of my favorite insights with you.

# 1 – How Can I Find Good Affiliate Products To Promote?

Whether you want to sell digital courses, marketing software, or baked cookies, there are plenty of affiliate programs out there.

You’ve never had so many options to find fantastic affiliate offers to promote. The massive explosion of digital marketplaces like Udemy, Amazon, ClickBank, and Walmart provide ample affiliate marketplace opportunities for you. Those four affiliate marketplaces alone give you plenty of products and services to promote.

Also, ask yourself what types of products your ideal subscriber needs? For example, I love to write about business and marketing. I know my subscribers need web hosts, email automation software, training, et cetera. These are the exact products I look to promote as an affiliate.

# 2 – How Can I Write Marketing Emails As An Affiliate?

The best email copywriting lesson ever is to remember that your subscribers are regular people, just like you. Try to think of your subscribers as friends! Then, ask yourself, how do you write to your friends?

I try to keep my email copywriting short and to the point. I advise all of my friends, colleagues, and fellow writers to do the same.

Treat your subscribers with respect, trust, honor, and integrity. If you can follow that strategy, then hopefully, your subscribers will notice (and appreciate) your content.

Also, never try to sound super sophisticated or complicated! Write naturally, and in your voice. If you act true to yourself and try your best to provide tons of valuable content, then I honestly think that you’re on the right track.

# 3 – What’s The Best Way To Advertise My Lead Generation Funnel?

Once you have a lead generation funnel up and running, I advise you to promote it by any means necessary.

Content marketing is probably one of my favorite ways to promote my lead generation pages these days. As you know, the cost of advertising seems like it keeps going higher and higher!

Content marketing, on the other hand, is much more affordable and easier on the budget. Doubly so if you love to create nifty content for your ideal subscribers!

# 4 – What’s The Best Content Marketing Method For Affiliate Marketing?

You’ve never had this many awesome opportunities to publish content. Blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos, social media content, live streams, ebooks, and courses are all big self-publishing methods.

The best advice anyone can give you is to follow your heart. Figure out what content creation methods that you love the most.

As you may have guessed, I’m a big fan of blogging, and writing! Blogging is one of my favorite content marketing methods because I spend hours writing daily.

What content marketing methods seem fun to you? Meditate on that question, and then take consistent action!

# 5 – Does Email Marketing Work For Affiliate Marketers? I Heard Email Marketing Doesn’t Work Anymore!

I think that email marketing still works for affiliate marketers, yes!

Even in today’s world of social media, live streams, and constant connectivity, I think that email marketing still rocks.

One of the major reasons I love email marketing, even today, is because the cost is very low. Even if you’re operating on a bottom-dollar budget, you can launch an email newsletter for a paltry cost.

So if you’re concerned about the viability of email marketing, relax! I honestly believe that it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future, and it won’t break your bank if you wish to test and experiment.


I love email marketing, and I love affiliate marketing!

However, building an email list is tricky. Especially if you don’t have a massive budget or any guru friends.

That’s why I’m so proud of these three awesome lead magnet ideas for affiliates.

I hope that you had fun reading and that this content finds you well.

As always, please never hesitate to click reply if you have questions, or simply wish to brainstorm. I love to hear from you, and I’ve got your back.

Until next time, please have a beautiful day.

Cordially yours…

Mike "Affiliate Leads" DeVincent


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