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​Affiliate Marketing Course Day 0​​4 - ​5 Genius Blog Post Topic Ideas For Affiliate Marketers In Nearly Any Niche

With our economy on the brink of collapse (lol, yikes!) – a lot of my colleagues are increasingly curious about the worlds of blogging and affiliate marketing. They want to take their economy into their own hands! Smart move.

However, as you know, blogging and affiliate marketing are infinitely more intricate than most gurus and “blogging experts” confess! That’s why I’m always begging my blogging colleagues to never quit your blog!

For that reason, I’d love to level with you and let you know that both affiliate marketing and blogging are arduous and complicated! Competition is fierce, and finding worthy advice is like pulling teeth from a frenzied zombie. It can be difficult to know which types of blog posts to write about!

That’s why I would cherish the opportunity to brainstorm 5 of my favorite blog post topic ideas that go together with affiliate marketing like peanut butter and jelly.

5 Genius Blog Post Topic Ideas For Affiliate Marketers In Nearly Any Blogging Niche

  • # 1 – Software Comparison Posts
  • # 2 – Product Reviews And Service Reviews
  • # 3 – The Ultimate Guide Style Post
  • # 4 – Software Or Product Tutorials
  • # 5 – Case Studies And Experiments

Here’s Why These Blog Post Ideas Are Borderline Genius For Affiliate Marketers In Nearly Any Blogging Niche

I have a confession to make. I suck at most things! However, there are a few skills that I’ve worked on establishing over the years. For example, I’m a halfway decent writer. I also love blogging and building websites!

As a result, I’ve spent a nearly-infinite quantity of time studying blogging and blog post methods. When most people are out there partying and schmoozing – I’m huddled quietly. Brainstorming, thinking, click-clacking, typing, and publishing blog posts.

I also value and treasure affiliate marketing. That’s why I relish combining the worlds of blogging and affiliate marketing. Furthermore, I hereby propose that the following 5 blog post methods rock for affiliate marketers across a wide variety of niches.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beauty blogger, a food blogger, or a software blogger. I suggest that the following blog post methods can work for your niche, and they’re all clever for affiliate marketing.

# 1 – Software Comparison Posts

When I was a kid, I would always ask people “Who would win? Wolverine versus Batman?” – Or “Dracula vs. Cyclops!”, et cetera. These types of comparisons were fascinating to me. As I grew older, my insatiable lust for comparisons never waned. I think that as humans, we love to size things up and compare them against one another.

That is the intricate and inherent power of a software comparison post. If you’re a marketing geek, a tech nerd, or someone who utilizes various marketing tools for your blog and business, then software comparison posts rock the house.

Here Are Some Cool Software Comparison Blog Post Example Ideas:

  • Stealth Seminar Vs. Demio. Which One Is The Best Automated Webinar Tool?
  • AWeber Vs. Mailchimp. Which Email Marketing Tool Has The Better Value?
  • ClickFunnels Vs. Groove Funnels. Which Funnel Software Is Best On A Budget?
  • Thrive Architect Vs. GetResponse. Which Tool is Better For Newbies?
  • Joomla Vs. WordPress. Which Blogging Platform Wins For Ease Of Use?

Why I Love Software Comparison Blog Posts For Affiliate Marketing!

Software comparison posts are easily some of the most efficient and wise ways to recommend affiliate products. If you have experience with any variety of tools, then it’s straightforward enough for you to expound upon your honest experience, feedback, and two cents.

You can also sprinkle affiliate links throughout your content strategically and liberally. That way, if your readers appreciate your content, they can click on your links – all the while making a better purchasing decision – thanks to your hard work!

On a side note, even if you don’t like software, there are other things in your niche that you could compare, surely? Ask yourself – what are the top tools, guides, resources, apps, or even courses that those in your niche may need to research? These topics make excellent references and can provide insurmountable value to your blog readers. Food for thought!

# 2 – Product Reviews And Service Reviews

If you were dangling me over the edge of a cliff and demanded that I tell you my favorite affiliate marketing blog post idea, I just might declare “Product reviews! Service reviews!”, and for good reason.

Product reviews are not only some of the most helpful blog posts that you can create for your readers, but they also make superior gateways to suggest your favorite affiliate products. 

The name of the game is to write an honest review, and then sprinkle your review strategically with calls to action and affiliate links. If you would like a few samples, then check out my epic ClickFunnels Review, my Udimi Review, and my Traffic Ivy Review!

Here Are Some Cool Product Review And Service Review Blog Post Example Ideas:

  • AWeber Review – My Honest Review After Using The Email Tool For 10 Years
  • Authority Pro Theme Review – My Experience After Blogging With StudioPress For Years
  • ClickBank University Review – Is ClickBank The Best Way To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Offers? Read My Explicit Thoughts Inside!
  • Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard Review – My Experience After Typing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Words Using This Keyboard! (True Story)
  • Pizzaria Regina Review – Boston’s Best Pizza? Or Direly Overrated? Read My Real Review! (PS: They’re The Best)

Why I Love Product Review And Service Review Blog Posts For Affiliate Marketing!

As a nerdy type dude who loves to experiment with different apps, services, and even restaurants, I can’t adequately state my adoration for product and service review blog posts.

They’re some of the most helpful content for nearly any audience – and they’re ideal for virtually any niche. Another major reason that product reviews are ingenious is that they imply BUYER INTENT. If somebody is searching for a review for a product or service, the chances are excellent that they are seeking to purchase that product relatively soon. 

You can be the perfect link (literally) between your reader’s decision to buy, or not to buy. Hopefully, the reader appreciates your feedback and decides to click your affiliate link.

# 3 – The Ultimate Guide Style Post

As a dedicated blogger, I seldom waste my time writing measly, 200-300 word posts. Instead, I much prefer to write beefy, meaty posts! That way, I believe there’s a statistically higher chance that Google, Yahoo, and Bing will appreciate my efforts and reward me with SEO juice!

I also contend that longer blog posts more often attract the enthusiasm, recognition, and gratefulness of readers. For so as long as your content is halfway decent.

Enter the ultimate guide style post! The ultimate guide serves as the perfect pillar in your niche or industry to help assist your reader who may be interested in any number of topics.

Whether you’re trying to promote email marketing software, videogames, gold, bitcoin, or video courses, an all in one style post makes for the perfect transition for you as an affiliate marketer.

Here Are Some Cool Ultimate Guide Style Blog Post Example Ideas:

  • The Ultimate All In One Guide To Building Your Email List On A Tiny Budget!
  • The Ultimate Guide To Losing Weight With Keto! How I Lost 45 Pounds Without Counting Calories!
  • The Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Dog To Stop Barking And Pulling On The Leash! Even If Your Dog Has Too Much Energy!
  • The Ultimate Guide To Launching A Blog On WordPress Without Breaking The Bank Or Knowing How To Write A Single Line Of Code!
  • The Ultimate Guide To Learning Python Programming In 30 Days Without Tearing Out Your Hair Or Losing Confidence!

Why I Love Ultimate Guide Style Blog Posts For Affiliate Marketing!

If you wish to become a decent blogger, then go all in and don’t sabotage your efforts. Try your best to deliver the best content possible. Try to become the best authority in your niche! Even if you fall short of your goals, at least you will attempt to make the biggest splash possible.

That’s why the ultimate guide style posts rock for affiliate marketers and bloggers alike. You can attempt to provide preposterously practical content for your audience. Ultimate guides are also an excellent introduction to a variety of products that you may wish to advertise. Consider that when you write your guide, there are likely a variety of tools, software, programs, and courses that can help complete your guide. A trustworthy guide contains a list of recommended resources and tools! Food for thought!

# 4 – Software Or Product Tutorials

In our global economy, people everywhere, throughout all niches, are striving diligently to improve their skills. That’s precisely why tutorial-style blog posts may be a stroke of genius for your blogging efforts. Doubly so if you wish to advertise various software tools or apps as an affiliate marketer.

Whether you like to write about email marketing, blogging, sales funnels, webinar marketing, or messenger bots, there are a variety of tutorials that may work perfectly for your niche. A tutorial also serves as an outstanding foundation to help advertise your affiliate links.

Here Are Some Cool Software Or Product Tutorial Blog Post Example Ideas:

  • How To Generate Leads And Build Your Email List Using ClickFunnels
  • How To Use StudioPress Framework And WooCommerce To Launch A Beautiful Ecommerce Store Without Tech Stress
  • How To Easily Build Your Email List Using Automated Webinars And Stealth Seminar
  • How To Launch Your Product Using ClickBank And GetResponse
  • How To Launch Your Book Funnel Using Nothing But 100% Free Tools

Why I Love Software Or Product Tutorial Blog Posts For Affiliate Marketing!

Distance education, e-learning, and online education are all massive! For that reason, I hereby contend that creating helpful tutorials is always a smart move for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

If you’re passionate about your niche, then creating helpful tutorials is also a boatload of fun. I’d also like to mention that tutorials aren’t strictly limited to software tutorials. You might write a tutorial about how to change your vehicle’s motor oil, how to grow perfectly ripe tomatoes, how to find the perfect babysitter, or even how to save your marriage! You’re only limited by your imagination. And of course, your niche.

# 5 – Case Studies And Experiments

If there’s one thing that intrigues me more than anything as a reader, it’s cold, raw, data! In my opinion – data is more powerful than opinions and hearsay. That’s the power of case studies and experiments.

Another consequential advantage of writing a case study is that it’s arguably one of the smartest methods to praise the benefits of various affiliate products that you intend on promoting. If your case study boasts the features and benefits of an affiliate product, then you make a strong case as to why the reader should consider acquiring the product or service in question. Case studies are a win/win!

Here Are Some Cool Case Studies And Experiment-based Blog Post Example Ideas:

  • How I Added 1,387 Leads To My Email List Using Udimi Solo Ads
  • How I Launched My First Book Funnel Using ClickFunnels And ClickBank
  • How I Launched A Beautiful Sales Funnel For My Podcast Without Stress Or Second-guessing
  • How I Learned How To Speak German Fluently In 6 Months Using Little-Known Techniques
  • How I Attracted 5,328 Unique Website Visitors Via Google Search By Using Answer The Public And SEMRush

Why I Love Case Studies And Experiment-based Blog Posts For Affiliate Marketing!

Few blog post ideas garner more influence and prestige than case studies and experiments. First of all, case studies and experiments are rare and unique! If you’ve conducted a useful experiment related to your niche, then there’s a good chance that your study will be unlike any other piece of content published elsewhere. Creativity and uncommonness give you the ultimate edge as a blogger and an affiliate marketer!

Naturally, it’s simple enough to include a call to action to your affiliate links if your case study involved an affiliate product or service. If the affiliate product that you’re promoting proved indispensable to your case study results? Then all the better.


As a nerdy blogger and dedicated affiliate, I’m always trying my best to brainstorm new blog post ideas that work for affiliate marketing.

I do hope that this post provided you a handful of excellent ideas to help get your brainstorming juices going.

As always, I hope that you had fun reading. Furthermore, I invite you to contact me if you wish to ask questions or to brainstorm.

Until then, please have a great day!

Cordially and humbly yours…

Mike "The Affiliate Blogger" DeVincent


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