Why I Recently Enabled Blog Comments #relationships #blogging

Why I recently enabled blog comments, after much thought.

I’ll be honest here.

I’ve had a million blogs over the years.

Well; at least a few dozen.

Despite that… I’m no blogging expert.

Sure; I can install wordpress in 3 seconds and configure it look really sexy in a matter of minutes…

And even implement some really cool JavaScript code to randomize banners, insert cool randomize buttons, and an array of other cool stuff to make the blog look neat.

But that’s just because I’m Mr. Computer Science.

I’m not Mr. Blog it all.

And… For the longest time I struggled on whether or not I should enable blog comments.

I figured; I have enough people replying to my daily emails, do I really want blog comments?

Well… here’s the truth.

I think all bloggers should have open blog comments.

It doesn’t matter what your rationale is.

Maybe you don’t have enough time to contact your subscribers?

Maybe you want to SEEM like you don’t have enough time?

Maybe you want to minimize availability? (In order to seem more valuable).

Maybe you’re afraid of comment spam?

The fact is… I’ve done thorough research on enabling blog comments over the years.

The arguments AGAINST ENABLING BLOG COMMENTS don’t hold water.

And I honestly REGRET having blog comments turned off for the 7 or so months that MrComputerScience.com has open.

The fact is?

I’ve missed out.

I’ve missed out on hearing what my readers have to say.

I’ve missed out on hearing whether my content is good, or is bad.

I’ve missed out on letting my readers promote their own work. (Yes, I encourage people to comment and leave backlinks to their blog).

And worst of all… I’ve missed out on you.

Building my relationship with you.

A blog can’t hold on its own merit.

It needs the interaction of its readers.

It needs the relationships that only commenting can provide.

And I’ve been foolish to ignore that for this long.

The funny thing?

Is that usually I’m stubborn.

I’m stubborn to a fault. Stubborn to my own detriment.

Fatally stubborn.

I’ve struggled with the idea of enabling comments for a few months now.

But I was always too lazy. Too stubborn. Too afraid. (That either nobody would comment, or my comment spam would increase 10 fold).

Now that I’ve enabled them… I feel a sense of relief.

I know I’m doing the right things for all the right reasons.

And I’m PREVENTING myself from doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons.

Anyway… If you’re wondering if it’s best to enable blog comments?

My answer is an astounding YES! Enable Blog Comments NOW!

Because if you don’t… You’re leaving your readers bereft.

Bereft of interaction.

Bereft of promotion.

Bereft of the ability to create RELATIONSHIPS with your precious, invaluable readers.

And worst of all; you’re leaving yourself bereft of the ability to get valuable feedback about your work.

Feedback that would be otherwise impossible to obtain.

Feedback on your thoughts, your service, your content, your writing style, and your products.

You’re leaving content on the table that’s otherwise impossible to obtain, and content that’s the most precious for anyone who’s a content marketer.

Content that’s created by the most valuable asset a content marketer, information marketer, Internet marketer, blogger, or entrepreneur will ever have.

Content that’s created, derived from, maintained, and envisioned by the most important thing in your universe.

The opinions of your readers.

And that my friends… Is more valuable than anything I’ve ever written.

Just my $.02.

Stay cool

Mike DeVincent


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