The Profitability of Email Marketing Can Be Truly Shocking #listbuilding #profits


You might not know this but I’m just some nerd who lives in Massachusetts.

I don’t have any special guru friends… (In fact, gurus blow me off like I was “Screech” on Saved by the Bell)…

You Want the Truth?

If you want your business to gain *ANY* traction… Man you need to build an email list – and you need to use that to build a relationship, entertain, to teach, and of course, to PITCH your products and services. Moreover, you need to do it *DAILY*.

Email marketing gives you a sustainable leverage that is otherwise impossible to obtain. And if you click here you can study how to turn *every ounce* of your email marketing into a sales force on steroids that doesn’t piss your subscribers off… (You can literally download over 2,863 proven profit-producing emails that have historically produced millions of dollars in sales)…

The Best Way to Build an Online Empire From NOTHING?

Is by sending emails. Publishing awesome content to your email subscribers. Do it daily. (Or, if you’re insane like me, *multiple times per day*).

And you want my advice? *NEVER* take the advice from all the “Guru Yes Men” who recycle their “teachings” like a drunken environmentalist.

These are the types saying that you should NEVER email your list, because then your subscribers will get mad. Well, guess what? – If you don’t email your list, you won’t make money. And if you don’t make money, you’ll GO OUT OF BUSINESS and then your subscribers will be *LOST* without your help.

Instead? Learn to be your OWN person. Who gives a damn what anyone else thinks. Never be afraid to be yourself. (If I was actually scared of what other people thought about my wild and insane content, do you think I’d ever have the fortitude to publish ANYTHING? The answer is no).

Be Yourself When You Send Emails. Pitch Your Own Products and Services Aggressively.

Barack Obama (when he was running for office). Amazon. Ebay. Tiger Direct. Best buy. Apple. Microsoft. Google. The most successful Internet marketers on the planet. What do they all have in common? They stay in contact with their email subscribers *daily*. *incessantly*. *nonstop*.

(And if you want to learn how to write *more* content and get paid *more* by sending *daily* emails? Click here. It’s a resource that unveils over 420 proven words, cliches, verbs and headlines ready to plug into your sales copy and promo materials… This stuff is literally guaranteed to put more cash in your bank account fast…

But at the end of the day… Never forget what you are…

You’re a unique human on a planet. You’re a rational animal. And you’re capable of producing fascinating content worthy of *ANY* end user demographic.

And if you want your audience to actually GIVE A DAMN about you?

Be unique. Be yourself.


Talk later

Mike “The Rational Animal” DeVincent

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