I Don’t Give a Damn if You Sell Roasted Chickens




It’s precisely 7:20 AM in the Greater Boston Area as I type this.

And I don’t give a DAMN if you sell roasted chicken – email marketing is the best way to do it.

On the planet. And I’m here to prove that.

But first-

I wanted to play a game. A GUESSING GAME.

Guess how many MARKETING EMAILS I have in my inbox already?

(Starting Midnight 04.03.2014)…

Guess how many?


That’s right baby.

In less than 8 hours, I’ve been HAMMERED with over 100 emails.

(I literally took 2 minutes to count them just now… It was WELL OVER 100)

It’s always amusing to me. These people EMAILING ME marketing stuff.

And they’re ALWAYS marketing stuff OTHER THAN email marketing.


Sorry for the mid morning rant. I’m *NEVER* up this early. I feel groggy.

PS: If you want to see how my friend makes megaladon cake just by “clicking send” using email, click here.

And if you take him up on his offer? REPLY to me. Because I have a special bonus for you.

We’ll chat later okay?

(I’m going to make a CRISP HD video later, hopefully I send it to you if I’m still awake).


Mike “I’m not a morning person” DeVincent


PPS: People *ALWAYS* ask me “Does this work?”

Well, email marketing works, yes.

And I’ll prove it to you right now. Because you’re about to click this link.


Talk later

Mike “The Email Wizard” DeVincent



  1. says

    Yes Mike, you’re absolutely correct. I did click that link…and although I didn’t obtain the list building course through your link, I have it, and am progressing through the course content. So props to you Mike! :)

  2. Mike DeVincent says

    Charles how you been boss? ;)

    I don’t care *HOW* you get the information and use it, just be sure to put it to use!!

    (You know for a fact I do this stuff if you’re on my list haha).

    Thanks dude – I’ll see you around

    & Stay cool

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