GetResponse Hit By SAVAGE DDoS Attacks – BLACKMAILED Moments Later?


I read a crazy thread on the other day…

About how was recently targeted in a BRUTAL DDoS attack… They received anonymous emails from the alleged attacker… And the attacker literally DEMANDED $750 CASH for the DDoS attacks to stop.

Just a few months ago Aweber (and a massive array of other websites) were hit by a 100% BRUTAL DDoS attack that wreaked havoc upon their customers.

Not cool man. Many small businesses DEPEND upon their autoresponders to feed their families.

Something for the blackhats, hackers and extortionists who claim to be “For the People” to think about next time they wield their technological aptitude with little wisdom. (Or cognizance of consequence).

Before I talk any more about this… Let me interject a quick question:

How insane is this world that we live in?

People can’t even operate a business… Without someone coming along and BLACKMAILING them…

It makes me so glad that I’m doing business with a REPUTABLE company. A company that helps me make money… (I’ve made a ton of sales in only a few days)…

And the best part? This company is so benevolent that they’ll throw you $100 CASH if you give their system an honest try and can’t get it to work.

Now look… In my world that’s what we call a “Guaranteed Profit”, and they’re not very common.

So if you want to find out the EXACT funnel I’m promoting now, and how you can get access to it for absolutely zero cost, and guaranteed profit? Just click here.

Don’t worry.

No blackhats, charlatans, hackers, or shady gurus allowed.

This program is designed for the REST of us.

The average, good guys. The ones who don’t want any trouble. Or drama. Or extortion.

Not those guys. Just guys (and gals) like us. The underdogs.

The ones who keep fighting for professional victory… Even when all others are hating, lying, cheating, and clawing their way to whatever destination it is they seek.

There remains us. The stoic entrepreneurs.


And I’m proud to count you among my colleagues.

Talk later

Mike “Don’t DDoS Me Bro” DeVincent

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  1. says

    Mike, karma is always in effect. If I worry or anger over this junk they wrapped me up in their karmic sinking ship. Karma takes care of these folks in due time, and in truth, they must be suffering horribly to make such hurtful decisions to damage lists and lives. Good points, and I’ll share it on kingged(dot)com to boost your traffic :)

    • Mike DeVincent says

      Ryan you rock man!!

      I appreciate your kind words, and of course you sharing with your awesome audience.


      Stay cool boss…

  2. says

    “People can’t even operate a business… Without someone coming along and BLACKMAILING them…”

    :) Sounds like the government to me. We do all the hard work, take all the risk. If we make money they extort money from us. If we lose they don’t care.

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